National Divorce and other topics

This post at Jerry Coyne’s website got me thinking.

So, what about it? I’ll look at it from a liberal perspective.

Now think about the liberal paradise countries: Norway has about 5 million people, Sweden 10.4 million, and Denmark about 5.9 million.

In comparison, New York City as 8.6 million, Los Angeles 4.0 million. The associated metro areas: 19.8 million, 13 million; Chicago metro area has about 9.5 million.

The point: you really can’t compare the US to these tiny countries ..and maybe the though is that the population of the US would do better if WE were divided into several bite sized countries.

Think about it: our geographic diversity is astonishing. We have hot deserts, tundra, cold, windy plains, both warm and cold coastal areas, mountains, hills, forest areas, grasslands, swamps, rocky areas. Then add cultural diversity into the mix.

But then again, our major divide seems to be rural vs urban; for example, I probably have more in common with Austin, Texas people than I do with downstate Illinois people, or even Peoria people (we are a purple county). But due to its large amount of rural and medium towns, Texas remains a red state. Illinois remains a blue state, in large part due to the Democratic presence in the Chicago area.

The logistics of such a split up are staggering.

So what to do?

For one, it might help to start to acknowledge the truth about “the other.”

I don’t know how many times I’ve seen nonsense like this, confidently spread by someone with a “Doctor” or “Ph. D” in their handle:

“Great majority?”

What a load of nonsense.

Then, when we think about the issues, it wouldn’t hurt to see exactly what the “rank and file” are complaining about.

For example: “drag shows”. This is what they are complaining about:

Yeah, I know; some of the proposed state laws go to far. But should things like the above be a SCHOOL activity? Come on.

But…well, to even admit that “the other” might be right about something, or even have a valid point..or even have a point worth considering…well…that will cost you “friends” on your side, at least online.

The atmosphere is a very toxic “concede nothing” even when “the other” has the facts. And that isn’t helping.

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