In some ways, today’s workout was a bit of a bust. I was way too slow (16:19 mpm walking pace). But it was still 22 miles, and I walked in a hard downpour from roughly 3.5 to 9.5 miles …actually, probably a bit longer. It came down in buckets and once again the streets turned into very shallow streams.

I did see: groundhog, deer (near Affina), a very wet female triathlete, some fast runners, and later a few walkers. I also dodged a train (crossed off the bike path to the road/sidewalk when I saw it coming) and yes, a semi between the Gateway and Riverplex! They were taking down a stage.

I’d love to complain that the rain slowed me down, but the return leg was only about 1 minute faster, and the uphill from Dozer to home was actually slower than the way out (33 vs 31 minutes). It was a tough walk at times, and toward the end I was in the “just get it done” mode. My feet hurt a bit; wonder if it is time to replace these shoes. Ok, I know it is time…I just get attached to shoes that feel all broken in.

This wasn’t my plan; I wanted to do my 20 + a bonus 2-4 but given the rain and the dearth of cyclists on the bike path, I decided to take advantage and do the old “out and back on the Rock Island” vs. Grandview Road.