Getting the right mix

Workout notes: yoga, then 5 mile run/walk on the treadmill, 2 walk outside.

The treadmill: 5.2-5.3, 5.5-5.6, then 6.1-6.4 for 10, 6.7 for 5 min, 6.8-6.9 (22:00, 40:19 at 4), walk .5 then jog to 53:40 for 5.
Then walk 2 outside. Weight: 189.

I wanted to get at least a little turnover but also some sunshine.

Editorial: there was some Instagram fitness model photo where this young woman says “I am determined to break 4 hours; I know that goal is crazy…”

Assuming she is talking about a marathon and not a 50K: no, it is far from “crazy”; it is a goal that I have made 8 times (including 4 times as a 40 year old plus) and I do NOT have aptitude for that distance…or for running in general. I think that this is what happens when so many attempt the marathon without making the proper investment in training; what should be a routine goal is viewed as “crazy.” It isn’t…not for a younger person.

The countdown

Workout notes: easy 2 mile walk on the old course; saw a running training group coming by.

I am reminded of what Michael Johnson (of 200 m and 400 m track fame) once said (paraphrasing): embrace the nervousness rather than deny it. If this weren’t important to you, you would not have trained so hard for it.

And these-a-days, it often goes like this:

Several weeks before: “there is no reason I can’t meet time goal X.” I am going to taper, go out there, be disciplined and really get after it.
A week before: compulsively check the weather forecast. The memories of past failures and pain comes back…”you know…thinking that I am going to make the times I did 15-20 years ago isn’t that realistic…”

Two days before…”ugh…I just hope that I finish before the course closes and that I stay out of the medical tent.”

So, the feelings are mixed. What is unknown is that I really don’t have a great feel for my current abilities. Yes, not only am I a decade older but I no longer have the capacity to train the way that I once did. And when I walked marathons at a 12 minute pace, my typical 20 mile training pace was 13-13:30. So..this suggests a low 14 should be what I am capable of today. That is reality.