Cincinnati: first two days (running and social)

I got in late Wednesday night; slept in a bit. There was a Trump rally near my hotel but I decided against going; I did see his motorcade go past my hotel.
I attempted a run/walk along the hotel’s suggested route, but much was cut off and it was HOT..and I had not drank enough water. So I jogged about 22 minutes and walked it back for about 40-42 minutes worth and had a leisurely dinner of mac and cheese with brisket meat. It was good.

Today: I drank a lot of water and felt better. Jogged 5 miles in the morning (56:43; 28:33 out, 28:10 back) and felt ok. Walked 5 miles (same route) in the evening and took photos.


NOT the run:

After this morning’s run

Day one.

Day two.

Lots of empty seats for the second part of a 3 part lecture series. Math just isn’t that popular at MathFest…it is all about trying to make math more popular and the nuances of teaching, course planning, etc.

Now for the run:

The start: 5’th and Elm. Run down Elm toward Paul Brown Stadium (where the Bengals play)

Ferris wheel and the photo doesn’t do the bridge justice

Note the swings looking in the distance:  they were setting up for Beer Fest.

Ohio River Trail

Great American Ballpark; where the Reds play

Near the baseball stadium

Paddle wheel. Off to the left is the arena that held the Trump rally.

You follow the trolley lines for a while.

Here you have some choices as you do the whole way.

The Roman Lucius Quinctius Cincinnatus.

Note the entrance.

Outdoor theater.


Circle of flags

Lots of gardens along the way

Friendship Circle, I think.

See the tower in the background? You loop around that to make 5 miles (8 km)

Mirrors in the garden. Yes, you can see me.

Bridge going the other way.

Portion of this has a brick representing 1,000,000 years along with a depiction of animal life during that period.

Yes, THAT Larry Flynt.