Thanksgiving..went ok..

I didn’t stuff myself..maybe I am a bit too full…but a lot of it is simple salad.

Chocolate Turkey run, 2019

Well, I did hex deadlifts yesterday and felt it today; yes, I was out of breath early (9:12 mile) and hung on for 28:10.

It was 32 F. I jogged from home to warm up, walked back home to cool down (7 miles total) and, well, I was hurting just a bit in the first mile. I did see people on the return leg; I kind of like the new course. And it was the largest of these I have done.

I did walk briefly during mile 2 but that really didn’t slow me much.

Past versions of this race (different courses)

2013 24:56
2014 24:53
2015 26:02
2016 26:54
2018 26:43
2019 28:10

Oh boy…not the best progression; I really think the weights had something to do with it.

Later: lunch with the whole crew at Alexander’s then football on TV.