Getting my goat

I had a nice week of workouts and it finally got to me. Today’s workout was simple: 4 mile walk to Dozer Park (where the Chiefs play) and back; 17 minute pace average. Butt hurt a bit; probably due to the slower pace.

I just had zilch in the tank. I had figured it would be that after yesterday when it went so well.

Social: Yes, I am voting Biden all the way, etc. No doubt. But I can see why the left wing turns off so many people.
Yes, COVID is beating us up; too many are not taking it seriously. Yes, the ignorant and the MUH FREEDUMS people have a lot of blame here. but so do those on the left. Yes, protests are contributing to the spread. Yes, it is hard to pin down to what degree they are contributing to it, but, well, check out the risk charts. Yes, outdoors but a lot of yelling and not much social distancing.

And I wonder that some of these..many of these…are really just ego trips for the protesters?

And yes, even if many of the protesters are young and it is open air, etc., and yes, the mortality rate for the young is low, the severely affected rate is NOT low.

Our whole country..the I AM RIGHT AND THE OTHER IS WRONG and YOU CAN”T TELL ME WHAT TO indeed bipartisan. Cognitive dissonance and hypocrisy is bipartisan.

Staying with it

Woke up later, again (6:30 ish). Still out the door by 9:15 or so and I got in 4 loops of the 1.77 mile course; I was just in a weird mood. 16:30 ish pace; not much pain (no NSAIDS) and it was perfect after yesterday’s harder 8.3 miler.

Glorious weather.

Yes, there were protests in the area and unfortunately, SOME looting (much more protest than looting). I just hope that the protesters realize that COVID19 doesn’t care about their cause and is killing far more people than rogue police.

About the protesters vs. rioters/looters: it is complicated.

Yes, I’ve seen black rioters looting and beating people up; I’ve seen white rioters doing the same while black protesters are yelling at them to stop. I’ve seen black protesters protecting police officers.

and I’ve seen protesters practicing good social distancing.

There really isn’t a THEY as in “THEY ARE”; lots of stuff happening and many different types of people are involved; many (most?) are good, and a few are truly awful: