Embarrassed but still trying

To the Riverplex via a 2.5 mile segment and 7.6 home. It was windy going out. On the way back a young person smiled at me and said “great job”…I think that I was losing steam. And I KNOW I looked terrible. But I smiled and said “thank you.” My yoga teacher upped the ante in class…gave us a flowing, high energy, lots of plank/side plank movements. And my knees…side block is easy..not *quite* to sitting on one flat yoga block.

Weight: 186…getting there.

Moving right along

Just a workout catch up: Monday: weights only. rotator cuff, pull ups (5 sets of 10, one of 5), bench: 10 x 135, 3 x 185, 7 x 165, military: 8 x 50 standing, 15 x 50 seated (supported), 10 x 90 machine, rows: 3 sets of 10 x 50 each arm, goblet squats (sets of 6: free, 25, 50, 62 to the sill), planks, knee stretches, etc. Knee: start with the 4 lb. ball.

I ran to and from yoga class, taking the long way home.

I am calling this 10, as I did a couple of unintentional out and backs (on Cooper, and again in upper Glenn Oak Park).  Yeah, it was slow; 1:30 on the way back or something to that effect.  the 2.5 miles there took about 30 minutes.
I was able to knee on the yoga blocks which were stacked on their side.