Day one online

Not sure how it will go, but I started the day off right, I think.
Oh, last night..cleaned up..inhaled a lot of dust and coughed a bit and you KNOW what I was thinking.

rotator cuff
pull ups: 10-10, 6 sets of 5
clean and press 5 x 94, 5 x 99, 5 x 99
dips: 5 (didn’t feel great)
dumbbell shoulder press: 3 sets of 10 x 44 (sloppy..a bit)
rows: 3 sets of 8 x 110 (bent over with Olympic bar)
super set: 3 circuits of: 5 x 94 squat, 5 x 200 trap bar dead, 5 x 60? curl
2:30 plank.

That, plus taking the weights up and down from the basement, finished me off.

Sports: my recurring delusions

Workout notes: slippery outside.

So I walked 6 miles on the treadmill in 1:15:55; mile 5 was 1:23:52 and the last mile was 12:03.
That walking workout was FASTER than my alleged “run” of similar distance yesterday..though to be fair, yesterday’s slog was on a tough course in the rain. And I also had an extra day of rest from a tough (for me) hex-bar deadlifting session on Friday.

2020 looks like this so far: 28 miles for the previous week. That should move up, though it will be tricky so long as I am working the dead lift in. I also plan to work in barbell shoulder presses, but that shouldn’t affect running at all.

Delusions I have ordered a pair of bumper plates (45 lb plates) and a trap bar (or hex bar) for my basement..well..lifting area.

(this one)

That isn’t delusional of me; this will help give my workouts flexibility and I do use the trap bar (handles down). I love using it.

Here is what is delusional: I read the reviews (almost all positive) but one said that one weakness was the the sleeves were too short to hold more than three 45 lb bumper plates on each side.
(hint: that means: 314 lb on the bar, as the bar is 44 lb.)

I thought: “well, if that is a problem, I can order some of those precision, thin powerlifting 45 or 55 lb. plates.

Heck,I could hold 8-9 55 lb. plates on each side!

Then reality got back to me; I realized that this is a strictly intellectual exercise..unless I was planning on having an NFL lineman as my house guest.

What I have in my basement plus the new plates would give me..yes, up to 1 45 bumper, 1 44 cast iron, and 2 22 lb iron plates on each side; the bar WILL hold that many and if I ever work up to needing more than that (highly unlikely but a guy can dream), I’ll treat myself to these precision thin plates.

For now, I”ll focus on adding 5 lb at a time starting with my current 245. And I imagine on the days I do NOT go to the gym, I’ll be using not much more than the new 45 lb bumper and the 2 22 lb. iron plates for now.

Note: this is a photo of a strongman deadlift with the elephant bar; note the “deep dish” 45 lb. plates.

This is a heavy deadlift with the thin plates

And just for the heck of it, these are the old school, old thick 100 lb. metal plates:


these are the thick bumper plates.

This is the trap bar deadlift with bumper plates (though I use “handles facing down” so I have to bend my knees more) and, as you can see, you run run of sleeve room for plates on certain hex bars. IF that becomes a problem for me, I’ll treat myself to a set of 4 55 lb thin plates (and that probably will never happen)