Transgender athletes debate

One of the more contentious debates that I see are those about allowing “male to female” transgender to compete in female divisions.

What I find astonishing is that are are some who have very loud voices who honestly do not understand what a statistical advantage biological males have.

Let’s look at weight lifting.

This female lifter is Olympic caliber and she recently clean and jerked 300+ lb in practice. Yes, that is stronger than the vast majority of gym-bros and would be respectable for, say, a D3 lineman.

Pretty impressive! But look at how a top male weightlifter handles that amount of weight:

Yes, I know, more than most, how heavy that is: (handles are 4 inches higher than a neutral grip; some trap bars have 8 inch handles). I busted my gut to get this to my waist.

Chiefs rebound to beat the Kernels 5-2.

Last night was the tonic I needed. The game lasted 3 hours, but was so much fun that I lost track of time.

Yes, it started off poorly (solo home run for the Kernels) and they lead 2-0 after 2. But this time the Chiefs came back. It was 2-1 in the bottom of the 6’th when the Chiefs loaded the bases. One run was walked in (by a reliever) and then a Chief got a bases clearing stand up double down the left field line to extend the lead to 5-2, where it stayed. The same player also robbed the Kernels of an extra bases hit by catching a fly ball just before it could hit the right field wall.

As usual, it wasn’t a big crowd (weeknights usually aren’t).

There is some debate as to whether or not the game itself is the big attraction. I’d say at the fans at the less popular time games are mostly baseball fans; Friday, Saturday and possibly Sunday attracts fans who just like the promotions or outings.

Some politics

Now major league baseball fans are slightly right of center.

(from the above reference)

But this makes this incident somewhat head scratching: at a Fresno Grizzly game (AAA) they played a “enemies of freedom” video between the doubleheader games..and listed Rep. Ocasio-Cortez as one of the enemies!

Oddly, I don’t see her praising Kim Jong Un or Putin…the way that President Trump does…