Well, more violence in our city. Sigh…

This was a couple of miles away from us, but near one of my old walking routes.

And walk I did..I woke up to thunderstorms and it appeared that the storms had blown past. But beware of the “pop up” storm. My plan was to wait, go for 8 miles or so and focus on my posture.

BOOM; I got creamed at mile 1.2 or so, when going along Heading in West Peoria. I turned a bit soon to just go home, and the storm turned into regular rain (a rumble here and there) so I just proceeded as usual, though I made a modification by walking along Manor Parkway all the way to old Jumers, double back to Waverly and to proceed as usual..well until I realized that I’d need another 3 miles to obtain my goal.
So I did an out and back along Rebecca and another mini loop so that my usual out and back along Cooper and Moss would give me the 8.
It worked out though I had one slacker mile (5 to 6) where I think I got cheated a tiny bit.

14:53 was my average Garmin pace, even with the slacker mile. During that mile, a Bradley student yelled encouragement and shamed me into walking harder.

Note: my posture, while far from perfect, WAS better; no glute pain this time. I did a warm up also.

Knee was slightly heavy but that is ok.

This week: two 8’s, one 6 and one 5 for 27 total. I need to build up slowly. Yesterday’s deadlifts left me a bit sore.

Oh yes, then platelets. Ugh…the Red Cross changes procedure for check in just about every time.


Ok, that title was way too dramatic: this was a mere platelet donation. That is what I do instead of go to ball games.

The workout: 78 F, 74 percent at 8 am (too late) and my right knee was somewhat sore. So I decided to run 3 miles (5K) and try to put some effort into the final mile, then walk 3 more after stretching the glute. Yeah, the glute started to hurt 2 miles into it but I focused on posture and that got me through without much pain.

I wore my old 4’th of July shirt to remind myself that eventually, the races will come back.

As you can see, I gave more effort in mile 2 and even more in mile 3. And, well, a 10:17 mile was WORK in this heat. Good Lord. My body needs more practice at putting forth effort.

The walk started down Moss and then I wandered all over the place.

Yeah, I wore my Chiefs shirt.


Too low?

ouldn’t give platelets today: blood pressure too low?
Go figure. My guess: run (not enough liquid after) plus maybe too heavy of a meal for lunch.

My run: same as Tuesday: 1:17:09 for my West Peoria plus Moss loop course (about 10K); slow but what the heck. The weather was pretty and the flowers were blooming.