Oh Uncle Joe

I like Joe Biden. And yes, he speaks with a warmth that others do not have. But, at times…his precision is lacking.

Ok, he is a human gaffe machine. Latest example:

The former vice-president, whose son died of brain cancer in 2015, told supporters on Tuesday: “I promise you if I’m elected president you’re going to see the single most important thing that changes America. We’re going to cure cancer.”

His words were met with cheers and applause at the event in the city of Ottumwa.

I know, I know…this was a statement that was meant metaphorically as in “this is the type of thing we are going to focus on” and by no means a promise to “cure cancer” (which, in and of itself, a nonsensical phrase).

And he’d be running against Trump who outright lies all of the time.

Still..if he is our nominee I’d better stock up on antacid tablets ’cause he is going to give me some serious heartburn.

Biden: a pushback candidate?

Yes, I know, I am talking a LOT about Joe Biden, and he isn’t even my candidate.  I support Amy Klobuchar, who represents my values and has a highly competent record in the Senate.

But Biden being in the race has caused some shake up.

I will explain.

I remember seeing this back in 2015 and thinking “you know, what Trump says about political correctness will resonate with many and not just with Republicans.”

Notice the applause after the “politically correctness” remark.

Seriously, people really are sick of it. And yes, that includes 33 percent of Democrats and yes, this includes a fair number of liberal intellectuals. And yes, this includes me.

Now in my case: I reject scolds of all varieties, including the right wing religious scolds.

And well, I am sensitive to this as I think it harms dialogue; all too often discussions between people devolve into shouting matches, with the competing sides being unwilling to try to see it as the other side(s) see it.

And yes, the right wing bears much of the blame (“if you disagree you are UNAMERICAN, evil or stupid”) but they do not bear ALL of the blame; far from it.

No, no worries: my state will almost certainly vote for the Democrat, and no, I am not voting Trump, no matter how distasteful I find the hyperwoke. And Trump’s act is right wing political correctness, on steroids.

And no, I do not approve or racial slurs, sexual harassment, etc. The things I am talking about are things like, say, the politically motivated attacks on Steven Pinker and his work in The Blank Slate, deplatforming based on disagreement with views, and yes, even some of the unfair attacks at Rep. Omar. (much from the right wing, but not ALL of it came from the right wing)

But along comes Joe Biden, and, well, he isn’t going to grovel. He isn’t going to exaggerate “past sins” to placate the self-appointed gatekeepers of liberal morality. GREAT.

Oh, the woke are clamoring at how HE is out of touch with “the base”. Of course, it appears to me that when many say “the base” they mean “people like themselves and those they swap twitter hashtags with”) and many of them become indignant when you point out that they don’t represent everyone.

Oh yes, Joe Biden has his issues. I’ve pointed some of them out. But, this article gets it right:

Biden, whose smile is Jack Nicholson’s without the naughtiness, is not angry. His sporadic attempts at seeming so are transparently, and engagingly, synthetic. Neither, however, are most Americans angry. Rather, they are embarrassed and exhausted. Biden has a talent for embarrassing himself, but not the nation, and he probably might seem to weary voters to be something devoutly desired: restful.

And the political science professor behind Gin and Tacos..someone that I often disagree with (re: boomers vs. millennials cultural wars) makes an interesting point: (damn..can’t find the reference so I’ll attempt to paraphrase from memory): much of the Midwest is stuck in a time warp from the mid 1990’s, and that is Joe Biden’s politics. Therefore, he might do well there.

So, I will watch and wait…is it time to resurrect the old dinosaurs? Or do I feel this way because I am an old dinosaur?

Klobuchar: walks the walk..not just talks the talk.

From here. Note: she worked on some serious stuff; these were not post-offices getting named.

Yes, this is pre-Biden entering the race.

Speaking of Joe Biden: I am seeing some heads exploding. Oh, never mind that he was vetted by Obama..he just has a terrible past, I tell you.

Yes, he has weaknesses: age, gaffes, ..and perhaps you just want someone else. But a monster he isn’t.

Speaking of gaffes: this is one of my favorites:

Yes, Hoover was POTUS during the 1929 crash, and there was no TV; it was all radio.