Adjusting the 1 inch bar

Not quite right with the lower GI (TMI) but managed to get in a work out
pull ups; very hard today; singles, doubles, 5’s got 50 reps in 25 minutes, with hip hikes and rotator cuff stuff in between.


bench press: 10 x 134, 7 x 154, 10 x 150

Trap dead lifts: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, high handle: 10 x 224, low handle, deficit: 10 x 184

shoulder presses (newly modified bar; ordered new rack):
4 x 115, 3 x 115, 4 x 115, then 10 x 96
rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134
plank: 2:30

I have an old 66 inch. DP bar. The sleeve is 34 inches To comfortably fit on a standard Olympic width rack, you’d need 52 inches between the collars. That leaves just under 7 inches of loadable bar.

So, this is how much room you have: 2 20kg, 1 10 kg on each side, with collar, and perhaps room for a 4 kg plate.

But as loaded here, 100kg of plate and maybe 10 kg bar plus 2 1 kg collars for 112 kg for 246 lb in this position.

Now with the collars at the end of the sleeve (which allows the bar to rotate: I’ve had over 300 lb on the bar with no issues.

So, this bar is a good substitute for those “short bars” and perfectly adequate. I am going to replace these light, somewhat flimsy squat standards with a BEAST squat rack (short) but these light standards can go outside when the weather is nice..and the bar will travel well outside too.

Here I am doing a set of 4 shoulder presses with 115.

Life goes on, with me or without me

Here, some stores have curbside service but even these might have to close. I do use takeout for meals. But with those exceptions, I am basically following the “stay at home” guidelines shown here.

Wednesday: I diligently assembled my pull up bar…incorrectly, but then fixed it. There is a slight rock (they recommend bolt-down) but using loaded dumbbells as counter weights really helps.

I also am doing dumbbell presses outside; our porch ceiling is high enough to allow for that, even during rain.

And I do bench presses, power cleans, curls, dead lifts, hex bar rows in the basement.

So, here is what I did, workout wise, over the past couple of days:

Wednesday: 6.4 mile run…very slowly…Cornstalk hill plus lower loop; 1:28 ish. I’ve really gotten slow…then assemble equipment (racks, pull up bars)

Thursday: yes, I got a great deal on this bench (150 dollars!)

But I did my own workout first:

rotator cuff and back exercises. (I forgot to plank…better work on that)

pull ups: 10-(5-5)-10-(5-5)-5-5 (the 5-5 sets were when I changed grip)

dips: 4 sets of 5 (getting used to it)

shoulder press with dumbbells: 3 sets of 10: 40, 44, 44, 1 of 5 (44) for photos

goblet squats: 3 sets of 6 with 58 (decent depth)

bench press: experiment: 10 x 134, 5 x 156, 5 x 167 (had the spotter)

rows: 3 sets of 6 x 134 (hex bar)

power clean: new 25 lb bumper plates: 3 sets of 5 x 94

curls: 3 sets of 5 with 55? (22/4.4 on each side)

I am still working things out.