2019 in review

Here is my 2019 in review. I posted photos that are meaningful to me. The first one is collage of “friend” photos.

Here is the “where” (many of the “wheres” anyway)










The TBK Bank Quad Cities Marathon




Social media

Interestingly enough: I’ve read where millennials are the loneliest generation. I also notice that many public events (especially sports) are increasingly poorly attended…even good teams have trouble filling seats (at least in many locations). Yes, I know..this is not a thorough analysis.

But I do wonder: on social media you can block or mute those that irritate you. At an event, you have to make allowances for the behavior of others, which is sometimes non-optimal.
And in friendships, one has to make allowances for the quirks of others, just as they have to make allowances for your quirks. One cannot just “block”, “mute” or “snooze.”

But, on the other hand, I love social media anyway..but I see it as a way of connecting with those I might never meet AND a way to get together “in real life” and to stay connected even when miles separate us.

Wokeness Stuff like this is what gives the humanities a black eye. Good grief.

Politics: I am strangely indifferent to the D debate; I more or less know who I like (Klobuchar) and know who isn’t going to win (Klobuchar). Of the “plausible” candidates (Warren and Biden) I’ll go with Joe…”I guess”..and vote for whoever wins. It is kind of depressing that I really don’t like anyone, but I’d vote for rubber chicken if that who was running against Trump.

Workout notes:
Monday: weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10, one of 5), goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 50, 60, hex deads: 6 x 175, 3 x 225, bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 10 x 165, military: 10 x 45, 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 180 machine, 3 sets of 10 x 110 row, plank, headstand.

Tuesday: yoga, then 2 mile run (19:25: 10:40/8:45), then 2 mile hike with the group.

Photos from the hike, and then the Bradley Basketball scrimmage, dunk contest and coed 3 point contest.