striding into mid March

I looked at Facebook “Memories”: it was 2 years ago that we had an extended break to prepare for online teaching..and a year ago I was singing my “end of the line blues” about being unable to get a vaccine.

Do things ever change. Yes, BA2 is a real possibility and it is my feeling that the attitude will be “let ‘er rip” I’ll protect myself with masks and social distancing, and cut back on activities if cases get too high for my comfort level.

Now as far as my immediate future: progress continues slowly on the piriformis/back, but it does appear to be different this time around. There is less day to day pain, night tingles are way down and I am walking easier, it appears.


stretch, 2 miles bike (fake…just over 6 minutes), some PT (one leg bridge, side leg lifts, spinal balance)

Walk. *almost* pain free; it seems as if symptoms come on about .2 miles later.

Then a lot of PT: one leg stands from sits, knee raises with cords, banded walks, one leg chair, 3 minute plank and yes, the full shoulder session. I need to do the shoulder stuff 4-5 times a a week; not just 3.

Inside: dead bug, fire hydrants, prone knee raises, head stand

30 minutes (10 fake miles) on the bike. Then yoga flows.

Whole thing took 2:30; I did a LOT of PT and felt it, at times.

I am thinking about adding a lunch time 17-18 minute walk on M, W, F (AFTER a good stretch, of course)

I do not that I feel a LOT stronger in the squat position than I used to. A LOT stronger.