Cumulative fatigue

I decided to skip deadlifts this morning and get miles; I might go upper body tomorrow and deadlift Monday. That will keep Monday’s workout a bit shorter.
So, I went 11 miles; I did my 10.7 plus an extra loop at was right at 3 hours (a few seconds under) at mile 11.

I could blame a lot of things…and in reality my first 5 and second 5 were VERY similar in pace..down to a few seconds. But it was pleasant weather..I think that I am feeling the effects of..gasp, 17 miles coming in. The good news is that the glute pain was minimal and pretty much went away in the second half, and, well, I wasn’t that tired when I finished. I actually talked myself OUT of “making it a half marathon”

Garmin vs. Strava distance

My workout, which I was pleased with, is at the end.
But with Garmin being down due to a ransomware attack I got a chance to see what Strava would do with the same data points that Garmin connect uses.

This is the course in question. On Thursday, I did this course 3 times then a bit extra. The Garmin measured it as 6.3 miles and Strava got this at 6.4 with the same data points that the Garmin used.
Here is the Strava output, which includes the extra partial loop.

The time before, Garmin measured these two loops as follows:

Strava gave me 4.3 on the same data:

Now look at today’s walk, where the Garmin and Strava got the same mileage with the same data points:

6.22 (which is what the Garmin showed).

So, why the difference?

(yes, this is based on only a few outputs)

First note that there was a time when the outputs were all but identical. That tells me it is NOT “round off” error (e. g. one program carrying more digits than another).

But note when I had a different number: the lines are all “wiggly.” Reason: the two that were different were weekday morning walks; there was much more traffic. I made course corrections to avoid other runners, pedestrians and vehicles on the road.

Today’s trek was on a less crowded day: note the lack of “wiggles” in my path.

My inference: the difference is in how the algorithm connects the dots. First of all, each “dot” is really just an intersection of lines from different satellite signals and those lines of intersection form a polygon rather than an exact point.

The centers of these “polygons” formed by the signal lines determine your position points. So, what to do with these position points?

The crudest way is to draw a straight line path between these points (black). One can select the points in batches and fit different sorts of curves by either a spline or by a least squares principle.

Here, I approximated paths by cubic splines between each group of 3 points and one that uses all 5 points (but doesn’t quite cut through all of them.)

But one gets different distances when one uses a different “curve fitting” algorithm, and it is my guess that Strava algorithm fits curves through more of the points than the Garmin algorithm. And the difference is less when the curve has less “wiggle” to it (in math terms: smaller magnitudes for the second derivative).

Anyway, that is my guess.

My workout: I warmed up my glutes and back..(15 minutes)

Deadlifts (low handles, trap bar): 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 228, 3 x 250, 5 x 233 NO BOUNCED REPS. Note: this might not seem like much but at this time last year, I couldn’t get 225 for a single rep.
Then the walk:

It was 81 F at the start, 84 F at the end, 69 percent humidity. That is warm for us.

No glute pain. Not much knee pain either.

Ha ha..nerds will find a way.

Yes, Garmin is undergoing a loss of service attack.
But the workaround works just fine.

These mile splits are a bit better than what the watch showed. No miles over 15 minutes! I knew I had a decent walk, though, yes, I know, this was my “easy long pace” walk in times past. I was just glad to do it without glute pain; posture improvement is helping as are the pre walk exercises.

Afterward: 195.5. Slight “heaviness” in the knee.

You can do anything you set your mind to doing

I’ve been thinking about a math project..want to revise it..and about goals in general. And I’ve been thinking about goals.

Now the title of this post: this is the dumbest cliche I’ve ever heard of. No, I can’t deadlift 1000 lb or overhead press 570 lb. (though some can..
1000 deadlift (straps), 57x overhead press (from the rack, NOT cleaned). I won’t win a Nobel prize.

But..what CAN I do and am I willing to work toward achievable goals, or will I underachieve? THAT is what I have control over.
Annals of Math paper: nope. But what about the 2 I have in the hopper right now?
400 lb dead lift? Probably not. But what about 275? I am reasonably close to that. Make that..maybe 285? Etc.

Walking marathon? Well, not next week, but what about a multiple loop 10 miler where I focus on posture? Get posture fixed..then maybe 13, then maybe 15, and so on.
5:20 won’t happen, but what about 6:20?

Time to shift the thinking.

Now back to my boring morning, which I enjoyed very much: deadlifts (trap bar, low handles), walk, then Indian food.

Deadlift workout: some upstairs PT.
10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 228, 2 x 250 (yay!), 5 x 233, 10 x 184 (deficit: stood on 11 kg plates) Yes, floor is still damp from heavy rains.

Wore my spiffy brace and Adidas Superstar basketball shoes, which were state of the art in the early 1970’s; NBA players wore them.

The walk itself: I asked B if she wanted to hike in FPNC. She said yes..but she was nervous about the full parking lot. So we chose to go to Glenn Oak and walk where there were fewer people. She did a 5K course; I put my head down and did multiple laps of the upper park.

USATF application got the loop at .61 miles; 8 times around is 4.88 and then I added a .45 out and back and a .05 out to get 5.38. My Garmin: 5.01; it doesn’t like the tight turns. That makes a minute a mile difference.

But nevertheless, I got it matter what the pace actually was.

Along the way, Cassie drove past in a van (with her St. Jude friends) and said “hi” and offered kind words, and took the following:

Argh..that posture …I’ll have to focus on that so much if I want to walk longer and pain free.

Yes, that shirt is from the 2014 Peoria long ago.

A tiny bit of personal drama but

No worries, no job loss, nothing major but..well, sort of amusing.
We shall see..

I might write about something more substantive a bit later.

Today: I did two 5K walks. I warmed up, so I thought; went out with bad posture and turned back after 5K; winding Bradley ave, Moss, BU campus course. 48:38 was my time (15:38 mpm, after a slow start)
Stretched, especially back, pit stop, now W. Peoria 5K in 48:00 (15:03, 14:43 final mile) I was rolling at mile 1..even thought about completing the full 5..but at about 1.75 I felt the piriformis starting to fatigue so I said “ok, you are transitioning to all walking..” and took it in.

Funny, but it seems that my walking is the most pain free …AFTER DEADLIFTS…go figure? Who knows…if this trend holds up this Saturday, I might make deadlifts part of my warm up and take them away from my M, W workouts. I’ll keep them reasonably light though; deficits, or maybe a max effort of 10 x 217 or something like that.

I have to remember to build up slowly.

Note: we got quite the rainstorm yesterday. Katie O’Donnell Wahl took this photo of the golf course that I walk past in West Peoria

No, that is not a water hazard; that is supposed to be fairway. We really got creamed with rain…now venturing into my basement.

Management knees

Well, first things first: I had a nice 4 mile walk; 14:0x pace for 4 miles. It was just enough to be work but nothing severe.

Then to the doctor.

I got a lot of x-rays. I was amused at the new machine; you stood and a technician adjusted your body, fiddled with the controls, etc. This wasn’t the old, clunky 1970’s stuff.

I was expecting one of either:
1. overuse..will get better with rest and PT or
2. more tearning…surgery.

I got neither. Instead, I was shown the x-ray; nothing lose but the gap between the bones in my right leg are narrower than the ones in my left. And arthritis continues to develop.
The PA recommended cycling, swimming or elliptical.

The latter two can’t be done at the moment, though in the future I might save up for an AMT machine.

That is a 2000 dollar investment. the future.

Yes, some people who are already running can still run with arthritis and here are some tips (2-3 times a week…sounds familiar? Slow pace..yes, I felt pain after trying to pick up the pace)

Arthritis isn’t a death knell for runners nor for working out in general.

BUT those studies on runners: they are experiences (as am I) but my guess is that many have efficient strides and lean bodies. I am not built like a runner; walking appears to be more natural for me so I’ll stick with that. But: sane distances, and rest days, and yes, cycling in between.

I am at a stage in my life where my bets lifts, best runs, best walks and best swims are behind me. I am now at the “management” stage and doing what my body does the best (walks, lifts, then back to the pool) and my workouts will be two parts: PT, then sport (probably PT, sport, PT)

I might set some goals: perhaps a 35 minute walking 5K and a sub 3 hour walk half marathon.

And…all of the damned butt/knee/PT stuff..probably should do every morning.

knees: the easy stuff:

And the piriformis/glute stuff:

And yes, the “easy” knee stuff.

What I might try with weights: trap bar deadlifts (regular, straight)
step ups with weights
lunges with weights (light at first)
1/2 squats to the chair/box..some goblet, some barbell.


Ok, that title was way too dramatic: this was a mere platelet donation. That is what I do instead of go to ball games.

The workout: 78 F, 74 percent at 8 am (too late) and my right knee was somewhat sore. So I decided to run 3 miles (5K) and try to put some effort into the final mile, then walk 3 more after stretching the glute. Yeah, the glute started to hurt 2 miles into it but I focused on posture and that got me through without much pain.

I wore my old 4’th of July shirt to remind myself that eventually, the races will come back.

As you can see, I gave more effort in mile 2 and even more in mile 3. And, well, a 10:17 mile was WORK in this heat. Good Lord. My body needs more practice at putting forth effort.

The walk started down Moss and then I wandered all over the place.

Yeah, I wore my Chiefs shirt.


When I stop too soon

It was sticky. 75 F, 79 percent at the start, (7 am), 81 F, 62 percent at the end. Yes, my Garmen cheated me of some distance in lower Bradley Park (to be expected: tree cover, lots of tight turns; I was “cheated” about .02 miles per lower loop..I know, not that much. But still I was doing ok with the jog (3 lower loops..5 miles) and then I walked.. then it was like a needle to my left glute 1 mile later. I paused to stretch it out.

I was able to finish; first 5 miles of jogging were fine, last 3 miles of walking hurt. Interestingly enough, Saturday’s longer walk was fine, but that was after deadlifts.
I need to stay with my glute them daily. And I might need to spread it out a bit and focus on my posture; leaning forward does it no favors. Right knee was ok.

I am watching our tree come down; long gone are the days of just chopping it down and yelling “TIMBER.”