And my frustration with Democratic politics mounts ..

For your pleasure:

For those unfamiliar with liberal Democrats in the US: if someone makes a critique, the first things many liberals do is to see what “demographic class” the object of said critique belongs to. THEN the critique is judged. You see, if Sanders is found to be “grating”, well, ok: old white guy. If Warren is found to be grating: that is MISOGYNY. More on that in a bit.

Now for the fireworks between Klobuchar and Buttigieg:

You see: Klobuchar is homophobic!

And Buttigieg is an entitled mansplaining male!

Personally, I do think that Senator Klobuchar probably sees Mayor Buttigieg as some young upstart who hasn’t paid his dues and really doesn’t know what he is talking about when it comes to critiquing what a Senator does and that it is nowhere as easy as it appears. And Buttigieg probably sees Klobuchar as a well intentioned dinosaur who is too set in her “old Washington ways.” And so a few rough elbows where thrown.

It is politics. And compared to Republican politics, this was a pillow-fight.

And we come to the woke attitude that I find oh-so-grating:

No Senator: maybe you THINK it *should* be disqualifying but you cannot make that determination by yourself. The voters have to. You can suggest, but this isn’t a university or a corporation where you can just enforce your opinion. That is simply so tone deaf, in my opinion.

And yes, I did read a tweet that suggested that Warren was channeling “all women.” Yep..that is what wokes do: they conflate THEIR feelings with the feelings of everyone in their demographic group.

Amusing note:

Yes, Amy Klobuchar (ok, her staff) followed me some time ago. Well now, Warren sent me an IM on twitter…seriously.

I don’t know how that happened…whether a friend suggested I might be a supporter or someone played a trick on me, or there was some sort of algorithm that turned me up based on who I followed.
Who is amusing though.

Some politics: are we Democrats doomed?

I admit that I am kind of discouraged. Ok, I am very discouraged. It appears to me that we Democrats are really just a loose confederation of interest groups (GLBT, Black, Latino/Latina, feminists, environmental, labor, etc.) each with our own agenda and each clamoring to have OUR agenda placed front and center, even if it hurts our party on a national level.

And of course, I am interested in who can win; for the policy differences what we have, realistically, any D, should they win would govern pretty much the same way another D least in terms of policy. Sure, Sanders and Klobuchar have different health care plans but as far as the best we’d actually get…probably depends more on the political skill than on the policy goal. And the “best case” outcome is probably pretty similar.

Unfortunately, our pandering to the ideologues might well cost us.

And so my thinking is:

1. Bernie Sandars would probably get blown out in the general.
2. Bernie Sanders also..well...has an excellent chance of locking in a plurality of delegates by the end of Super Tuesday.

So, what do I do? I like Klobuchar and think that she had a great debate last night.

But is she is in the best position to beat Bernie Sanders?

Right now, Joe Biden (who I like, but is past his prime) and Peter Buttigieg are in a better position; I wish Mayor Pete had more upper level experience.

Yep, those are some hard elbows.

But, Buttigieg has some talent..and he is growing on me.

Very, very statesman like.

More moments here.

So, for me…should I go with the person who has a stellar past but is past his prime…the very promising upstart who is talented but thin on experience, or the solid, in her prime but still not-well-known-enough who appears to be gaining momentum..but realistically, probably not enough to catch Sanders?

Decisions, decisions and I cannot make up my mind..though I back Klobuchar, for now.

I’ll leave with this quip..aimed at those who would dismiss people like Joe Biden:

Democratic Debate: Klobuchar shines

I watched most of the Democratic debate.
Biden had a good night; looked relaxed and confident.
Sanders was Sanders
Klobuchar, at times, came across as the adult in the room.
Buttigeig took some shots but his talent showed.
Warren: IMHO, really wasn’t that good.
Yang: I still wonder why he is there.

Oh and the billionaire: who cares? Not me.

Klobuchar reminds Buttigieg that experience matters.

Buttigieg and Warren spar; Klobuchar becomes the “adult in the room.”

First Half of First Democratic Debate and other topics

Workout notes; I surprised myself by waking up in time for yoga and then did the following:
Treadmill run: 30 minutes; 3.14 miles. 4-4-2 (5.2,5.3, 5.4), then 5-5-5-5 (6.7, 6.8, 6.9, 7.0) 20:02 at 2, 28:41 at 3, 29:34 at 3.1
5 mile (1:22 walk; maybe slightly short of 5) outside; it was pleasant. Total: about 8.

Debate: Fact Check: the Democrats did well.

The debate season for the 2020 presidential election kicked off with 10 Democratic candidates taking the stage in Miami and exaggerating or garbling the facts on Iran, wages, Medicare, the opioid crisis and guns.

Sen. Cory Booker claimed the Iran nuclear deal “pushed back a nuclear breakout 10, 20 years.” The deal pushed back the breakout time from two or three months to one year for at least 10 years.
Rep. Tim Ryan of Ohio said the bottom 60 percent of workers “haven’t seen a raise since 1980.” But two analyses of wage growth for the bottom 50 percent show some increase in wages since then.
Booker claimed private insurance overhead was 15 percent, while Medicare’s was “only at 2 percent.” But the comparison is disputed, and not apples-to-apples.
Booker said when Connecticut enacted a permit-to-purchase gun law, “they saw 40 percent drops in gun violence and 15 percent drops in suicides.” Two studies did find an association with such drops in gun violence and suicides, but they didn’t say the decline was caused by that law.
Former Texas Rep. Beto O’Rourke misleadingly said Purdue Pharma had paid “no consequences … not a single night in jail” for its connection to the opioid crisis. There hasn’t been jail time but the company and executives have agreed to pay hundreds of millions in fines and settlements.
Booker also said “about 30 percent of LGBTQ kids … do not go to school because of fear,” a statistic backed up by a 2017 survey that found those students missed one day of school or more in the prior month.

My take:

BASED ON THE DEBATE ONLY (not on resume, or prior position coming in)

I’d rank them:

1. Booker (full of energy, confidence, spoke accurately; looked Presidential)
2. Castro (very knowledgeable…well spoken)
3. Gabbard (yes, I am not supporting her, but she came across well and just tore into Ryan when he made his stupid “Taliban attacked us on 9/11” remark.
4. Klobuchar: no nonsense, steady..not sure she appealed to many
5. Warren (OMG, her voice and delivery makes me want to scream SHUT UP at the TV; I’d like her better if I muted the TV and put on subtitles. And too many outlandish promises)
6-9. The “whodis” group: De Blasio, Ryan, Inslee, Delaney
10. O’Rourke: he is toast. Not sure if this is a bad night or that he just got exposed.


1. Helped themselves and it matters: Booker. He may well break into the top tier.
2. Helped himself and it might not matter: Castro. He did generate interest.
3. Helped herself, but it won’t matter: Gabbard. She is a fringe candidate but, IMHO, came across very well.
4. Stayed the same; probably good: Warren. If you loved Warren coming in, you loved her performance. If you didn’t like her coming in, you still don’t. But how much she helped/didn’t help herself will depend on how Sanders and Biden do tonight.
5. Stayed the same: probably bad: Klobuchar. She needed to break out. She didn’t. Good, solid, smart, hard working, but she has a back-bench quality to her; maybe a good VP candidate?
6. Down in flames: O’Rourke. Looked over his head.
7. The whodis group: took up space. I hope the DNC kicks them out of the next debate.

Caveat: I don’t know why I react the way that I do. My reaction to Booker: it might be that he reminds me of a solid military officer or of the coaches that I liked. But he just resonates with me.
Warren: I don’t know why she grates on me so much; it isn’t the policy ideas. And yes, I will vote for her if she wins the nomination and yes, I’d choose her over much of the rest of the field. This might change after tonight but so far my choices would be:

1. Klobuchar
2. Booker
3. Biden
4. Harris
5. Warren
6. Buttigieg
7. Castro.

Snarky comment:

I understand this is political humor. And yes, Klobuchar is my first choice, and I’d pick Warren over Sanders any day of the week and, as you see, Harris is on my preferred list. Nevertheless…my knee jerk reaction to this sort of thing: “we have Trump in part because of the type of people who make such memes.” One can get in someone’s face and turn them against a position that they already hold! I wish the wokes understood this.

On the other hand, I if the meme is aimed at women and feminists, it might be good for a chuckle…and yeah..I did chuckle just a bit though I am not a feminist.