First, my pirifiromis: not so good this morning, though 3 miles on the treadmill (or 3.3 if you use the treadmill odometer) was ok, after a sluggish, “more painful than it should have been” 2 outside.

Yes, I forgot to start my watch. I also did a lot of mat “glute stretch” exercises.

Once again, it seemed to appear after squatting. So, perhaps I ought to cut that out.

5 miles total: better than zero miles.

Capitol attempted insurrection

Ok, what caused this…I mean, how did conditions get to where Trump was able to get so many to behave so badly?

Now…in case you might have underestimated the degree of violence:

So, what caused this? I’d guess there was a perfect storm of several factors.

No, I do not believe that “aggrieved non-educated white male” argument explains all of it. It may explain the vote for Trump. But this…remember many flew to get here; you had the offspring of judges, medical doctors, service academy graduates, Olympic medal winners, real estate people flying on private planes, sitting members of state legislatures, etc.

These aren’t exactly under-privileged people.

My guess:

  1. Some (not all) Republicans believe the election was stolen, and some of those who really don’t feel pressured to say so.
  2. The immaturity of our population.

Seriously. Yes, this applies to Republicans at the “Beer Belly Putsch” and perhaps to some liberal protesters. Life..well, much of life consists of doing ordinary, boring tasks…nothing that will get you kudos on Instagram or Tick-Tock. And the same applies to doing good…basic stuff like giving your money to charity, volunteering your time to serve some, well, non-famous people.. etc.

But…to STORM the Capitol..that would be just AWESOME!!!! BAD ASS!!!

Well, untill…

But I digress a bit…I’ll direct you to this excellent Tom Nichols thread:

Read the whole thread. A lot of winning in life is grinding…instead of trying to do something big and being viewed as a BAD ASS.

And that might be part of the problem: real life is NOT fantasy. It has a lot of “ok, let’s take care of that even if it is not fun and won’t get you kudos.

So, will this finish the Republicans as a party? Probably not but…here is Fareed Zakaria’s take.