Some Bradley Basketball and walking

Ok, it is the end of the semester rush; I should do ok if only I organize myself well. It will be a challenge to do that; lots of midnight oil over the next two weeks.

I did see some basketball though.

On Thursday, the Bradley women held off North Dakota State 70-64. Though NDSU did not have great record coming in, they have played better recently. And, only 4 Braves scored at all (one lady got that helped).

On Friday: Bradley opened up a 32-28 half time lead and went on to cruise 83-52; the victim was an out-manned North Carolina A&T team.

Last night: Tracy came over to watch Ohio State beat Wisconsin to move to the football “final four”. Note: Illinois State football moved to the “elite eight” but now has a rough assignment vs. North Dakota State, up there.

Workout notes:
Saturday: run..jog to Bradley Park, run up the hills hard, walk briefly, then jog down. 1:04 for the 5 mile. Today: 10 mile walk at an easy pace (2:52 for just over 10: to the Riverfront, goose loop, dam, etc. Not much of an effort, but ..well, 10 miles is now challenging. I have not gone “double digits” since October 13 (walk/jog half marathon); it is amazing at how quickly I lose distance conditioning. And I am feeling the leg weights/dead lifts.

Basketball and hills

Workout notes: I walked/jogged 8 miles this morning outdoors; I walked to Bradley Park and ran up each of the first 5 hills; that HURT. I walked the second hilly stretch so total was 8 miles. But I was surprised at how out of breath I got; I need to do more workouts like this one.

Friday and Saturday saw two Bradley Basketball wins: On Friday night, Bradley built up a 16 point lead and then held off a Radford rally to win 70-61; note that Bradley was only a 3 point favorite and Radford owned a win over Big Ten member Northwestern. Bradley shot 49 percent (compared to 42 for Radford) and had a 13 rebound edge; free throws were even.

Saturday: the Braves beat Miami of Ohio 79-68 in a game that wasn’t as close as the final score might indicate. With 2:19 to go, Bradley lead 74-54 and the coach cleared the bench.

It was a good weekend for Bradley Basketball.

Redbirds beat Bears in turnover fest; Bradley beats UIC in basketball

Ok, I got my own workouts in:
Saturday: slow 1:19 Cornstalk 10K run. Sunday: dead lifts in the basement: 5 x 135, 5 X 185, miss 225 (rounded back), 5 x 205, 5 x 185, 5 x 135 sumo, then a 10K plus hilly walk in Bradley park.

Saturday: I made the Illinois State vs. Missouri State game. It was a close one: 17-12 ISU, though Mo. State made it interesting.
The offenses mostly sputtered though two interceptions set up the first Redbird touchdown. The Bears responded with a lovely 74 yard touchdown run up the middle. A weird miss on the 2 point conversion left it 7-6.
A long drive made it 14-6, but Mo. St. got a field goal to cut it to 14-9 at the half.

In the 3’rd: a long Bear drive was thwarted with a botched shotgun formation snap; that lead to a field goal and a 17-9 lead. Mo. State cut it to 17-12 midway through the 4’th.
A turn over set up Mo. State at the 50 but they could not advance and with 2:30 to go in the game, ISU appeared to be in position to run out the clock with a first down. But the 4’th Redbird turnover (fumble with a return) set Mo. State. up late in the game where they got down to the Redbird 8 with first and goal to goal. On the next play, they made it to the 3 where they had 3 tries, but the Redbird defense came through.

Though the game had 42 F and somewhat sunny weather (not that bad..I was actually slightly overdressed), few were there to see it. Official attendance: 5701 though there were lots of no-shows.

That evening: my Hostage and I caught a Bradley Basketball game vs. Illinois-Chicago. UIC came in depleted and BU was favored by 11.5. But woeful first half shooting had the Braves in a 33-25 hole. Great defense held UIC to 10 points in the next 14 minutes or so and Bradley regained the lead (took about 7:20 to tie it at 33) The lead got up to 13 and ended 65-56.

Attendance: 5411 was the official count, though the arena, for a change, looked as if it actually had that many.


There was drama at the end; the 1-8 Bears showed up and played hard. Both teams made enough mistakes to keep the other team in it.

Great ball game!

The evening basketball game:

What to make of Illinois Football?

Workout notes; 5 mile hill run yesterday followed by some serious football watching.

Ok, I saw Bradley win his home opener 90-56 over IUPUI, a team that had given them trouble in the past.

There seemed to be a larger than (recent) average crowd and my row of seats were full..which is unusual.

About football: Illinois gave up 526 yards of offense to Michigan State. But MSU turned the ball over 4 times, including 3 times in scoring position and gave up a pick-6, and Illinois rallied 27-3 in the 4’th to win 37-34 with 5 seconds to go in the game (got a key PI call in the 4’th..and the DB did grab the Illini receiver)

So 4 Big Ten wins in a row, though 2 were games in which the Illini took the lead on the last or second to last play of the game. 1 win against a good team, 2 against so-so teams, and 3 against simply dreadful teams.
But in the recent past, that would have been only 4 wins, so it is progress, to be sure.

And Illinois State bounced back from an embarrassing blow out loss to Northern Iowa to beat a strong South Dakota State 27-18 on the road; if ISU wins out they are in the playoffs, I think.

Bradley basketball teams win exhibitions ..

Earlier this week, the Men beat D3 Millikin 91-52. It was hard to tell much, though Bradley deliberately tried to play fast.
Today, the women beat D2 Illinois Springfield 74-62; the game was 54-26 in the 3’rd before Bradley appeared to go into coast mode; giving up 40 points in 1.5 quarters is concerning to least a bit.

But teams often need a preseason game to get the kinks out.

Social media

Interestingly enough: I’ve read where millennials are the loneliest generation. I also notice that many public events (especially sports) are increasingly poorly attended…even good teams have trouble filling seats (at least in many locations). Yes, I know..this is not a thorough analysis.

But I do wonder: on social media you can block or mute those that irritate you. At an event, you have to make allowances for the behavior of others, which is sometimes non-optimal.
And in friendships, one has to make allowances for the quirks of others, just as they have to make allowances for your quirks. One cannot just “block”, “mute” or “snooze.”

But, on the other hand, I love social media anyway..but I see it as a way of connecting with those I might never meet AND a way to get together “in real life” and to stay connected even when miles separate us.

Wokeness Stuff like this is what gives the humanities a black eye. Good grief.

Politics: I am strangely indifferent to the D debate; I more or less know who I like (Klobuchar) and know who isn’t going to win (Klobuchar). Of the “plausible” candidates (Warren and Biden) I’ll go with Joe…”I guess”..and vote for whoever wins. It is kind of depressing that I really don’t like anyone, but I’d vote for rubber chicken if that who was running against Trump.

Workout notes:
Monday: weights: pull ups (5 sets of 10, one of 5), goblet squats: 6 x 25, 45, 50, 60, hex deads: 6 x 175, 3 x 225, bench: 10 x 135, 1 x 185, incline: 10 x 135, decline: 10 x 165, military: 10 x 45, 10 x 45 dumbbell, 10 x 180 machine, 3 sets of 10 x 110 row, plank, headstand.

Tuesday: yoga, then 2 mile run (19:25: 10:40/8:45), then 2 mile hike with the group.

Photos from the hike, and then the Bradley Basketball scrimmage, dunk contest and coed 3 point contest.