Getting nervous

I know, I know.


Yes, 13:18 was my fastest average walking pace of the year, but it *felt* slow; slower than previous Thursday walks. But it wasn’t.

Yes, I was bundled a bit…and I gave the cars a good shot at me. Glute pain: minimal; it is not healed up yet. Not totally. But not stabbing. I just have to keep at the PT stuff.

Otherwise: I am sort of antsy. I did see a good math talk about voting (via zoom) and had a decent, but not well attended couple of class sessions.

I question whether or not I am doing the right things in class. Am I grading tough enough..too easy..or too harsh? Is my feedback the right amount, or too little? Am I doing the right things in this environment?

It is almost as if I am first year all over again.

And there is the election:

I think this gets is right though I might be tempted to put Pennsylvania in the “toss up” camp; I’d call it “sort of lean Biden.” Still, to win, Trump has to come from behind in Pennsylvania AND basically sweep the toss ups.

A Trump win looks like this:

I don’t see it…but…

2004 vs 2008

he loss that gave me the most pain:

Some might say that the 2016 Trump win was the most painful. I’ll discuss that one later. But it really wasn’t the one where I felt the most anguish.

That one was the 2004 election where George Bush held off a serious challenge from John Kerry.

When Kerry finally conceded the loss in Ohio, I called Barbara up and my voice cracked..I was almost in tears. I had never felt so low over politics.

The reason: this was the first time I put my heart and soul into helping out a campaign; I just KNEW that the work I put in would help make a difference.

I learned a harsh lesson, but a lesson that served me well later.

The season: I didn’t really get that involved in the primary process; this was the “Dean Scream” primary. Kerry went on to clinch the nomination and at that time, I decided to get involved.

I also got involved in a State House election where the now disgraced Aaron Schock got his start by defeating a Democratic incumbent (in the seat that Booth-Gordon now holds.

I took some trips to campaign for Kerry in Davenport, Iowa, once with a friend. I donated. I made “Kerry calls” to supporters in swing states who had signed up to be contacted by the campaign. And I followed the election closely.

I really though that Kerry had a chance.
I drove home from Iowa on Tuesday; I had spent the day on a “lazy Democrat” sweep to get Democrats to the polls. Before that, I had one a literature “please vote” sweep in Peoria.

And I drove home…listened to the results…then got home and followed the all important vote totals in Ohio…and saw that the Bush lead was not shrinking.

I went to bed; woke up to see Ohio had NOT been declared as yet…and then heard…..devestating.

I literally ached. I was mournful, hurt and dejected.

But…eventually after time had passed:

1. I realized I had come in on the tail end of things. The time to get involved was NOW so I started to get involved in local politics and I did things..and helped someone win a city council seat.

2. I realized that the Kerry organization was a disaster. The website was poorly organized.
When I went somewhere to campaign, it was disarray; they weren’t ready for us and had to scramble to find the best place for us.

3. When I made Kerry calls, frequently, I was told that I was the FIRST person to each out to them…IN MONTHS. There were competing events within a mile or 2 of each other..etc.

4. And most of what I did was solo.

Fast forward to 2008:
1. Obama: got aboard early.
2. When I went to a meeting and volunteered to do something, I got follow up “did you do that?”
3. When I went to campaign I was encouraged to take friends; they even made suggestions (Lynn Dempsey and I went a few times, sometimes with a friend)
4. Before I took a trip, I had an assigned a call the night before asking if we had everything we needed.

It was a night and day difference.

And so, on election day 2008..I drove home from campaigning..with friends.


In 2004, on election night, I mourned alone.
in 2008, I celebrated…with friends.

That was a big lesson.

I’ll write about 2016 in a day or two.

Painful introspection

Well, I am seeing a LOT of anger on political twitter. Example:

And you have some of this from Warren supporters as well.

(she saw the handwriting on the wall the day before)

Here is a story from my political past: In 2004, I got involved in the general election. I took several trips to Iowa to campaign for Senator Kerry as well as making “Kerry calls”, donating money, etc.

Result: a very bitter defeat. When Kerry finally conceded Ohio, I was almost in tears…I’ve never been so low.

That hurt. Badly.

But…with time…. I had to admit that we had gotten “out-campaigned.”

Bush was far more organized.

When I went to Iowa the workers there often didn’t know how many were coming..or how best to use us. When I made Kerry calls, I found that I was the FIRST one they had heard from in over several months. There were also competing events nearby, etc.

So, I decided to do something about it. I joined the local Democrats and got involved in local stuff. I also got aboard the Obama team early.

In 2008: very different story. When I volunteered to do a task for the Obama campaign, I got a follow up call. When I went somewhere to campaign, they were ready for fact called us the night before, asked us what we needed, etc. They had a plan on where to send us. The difference was night and day.

And on election day, we were sent straight to the correct houses..and I mean “we”; they had helped me organize a small crew.

As I like to say: in 2004, I mourned alone. In 2008, I celebrated with friends.