Austin: first time since Jan, 2020

At the Omni…drive from Muskogee started at 10 am, ended at 6:40 pm (lots of stops); the bad part was I 635 East…very congested there for 10-15 miles (North of Dallas) and then the entrance into Austin. I was running on fumes by the time I made it in.

I do have a small balcony.

Note: a LOT of construction on US 75 south of Muskogee, but it didn’t slow me down much.
Back, butt and shoulders appear to be ok. Will do a few light stretches before going to bed. Rest area near Hillsboro had some equipment..

On the road through COVID country and…

And what I have to report is mostly positive.

My precautions: eating outdoor or in my room. I masked up going inside and on the exercise bike (35 minutes…kind of a small but nice air conditioned room) and I did some rehab in my room and walked for 5-6 minutes.

Hampton Inn: Muskogee. They had breakfast but provided gloves and masks; I had my own mask. I also took my food to my own room.

When I checked in; the receptionist said I didn’t have to wear a mask. I told her I was ok; I wanted too, so she offered to pull her mask up. We chatted a bit; she is vaccinated and wonders why so many are resistant to it.

Earlier, I stopped at a Kum-and-go to get some dinner: I got juice, yogurt (and bought some Naproxen as I was too lazy to go into my suitcase). I went to an outdoor table to eat it (along with dates and protein bars). A young woman saw me and wiped my table down without my asking!

Back to the Hampton Inn: when I was working out; one other guy was on the elliptical. He left. Another started to come in and asked if I were ok; I said “sure.” Of course, I had on a big deal.

There are 7 hours left on this trip, but so far, well, only a few are masked up but most everyone has been polite.

Aches/pains: shoulder was mostly ok last night. A few glute tingles. I’ll stretch before I get on the road and again when I arrive in Austin.