The shoulder feels “slightly” better ..I’ll try some gentle swimming tomorrow. The butt..sort of hurts in a different way…cycling? Deadlifts?

Workout: yoga with Ms. V then 38:30 for 12.5 “fake” miles.

Yesterday: Chiefs game with Barbara. The Chiefs loaded the bases in the bottom of the 8’th; two hits, wild pitch to get runners on 2’nd and 3’rd, strike, out, intentional walk (a mistake?), then a “hit by pitch.” The Chiefs only got one run but then lead 4-3 and won with a double play to end the top of the 9’th.

Attendance was low, even for a Wednesday; wonder if the price increase hurts?


Shoulder ache: still there. So, I skipped swimming; did yoga (decent), shoulder PT and 20 km on the exercise bike (39:20).

Wonder what the appointments will bring.

Off…will this be the resumption of mathematics for me?

Note: last night was sort of rough but the morning/day wasn’t that bad. Weirdly: naproxen almost makes it worse; it is as if the micro swelling braces stuff up.

Three steps forward, one back

Injuries are interesting to recover from; progress is almost never monotone. I had some ache yesterday and so adjusted today’s swim.

1800 yards in 49 minutes (I know, snail slow) but I started with 500 of a mixture of side and free
500 of swim/kick (yes, the fins blistered my toe..good grief)

500 of 50 side, 50 breast (good Lord, this took forever to do)

6 x 50 alternating swim/pull

Then 32 minutes on the exercise bike (10 miles..probably similar to..7 miles on the road?)

shoulder held up ok. Some guy was coughing while on the bike but it seemed like a “I ran hard first” cough, but these days you never know. Yes, infection rates are very low now but you never know…


Dang it; shoulder is a bit achy this afternoon; wonder if I swam too much; not yardage but stroking. Then again, the shoulder ache is bilateral so…it could be that.

Swim: 1500 yards: 250 free, 250 of 25 kick, 25 free (fins), 200 free (alternate pull, free), 300 of 25 kick, 25 free, 4 x 50 on the 1:10 (55-57), 300 alternate kick/free).

Chased the lady next to me; didn’t catch her.

Yoga with Ms. Vickie.

33 minutes on the exercise bike (rolling hills course) 10 miles (no..not equivalent to 10 real miles).

Shoulder on the mend?

A little better today, but..a ways to go.

Swim: 1400 yards; did the 200-300-200-300 with fin drills in the 300, then 200 side/swim, and then 4 x 50 on the 1:10 (54-55 each). A little tired.

Yoga with Ms. V.

Bike: 10 miles in 31 minutes (exercise bike..probably the equivalent of 7-7.5 on the road)

Yoga: frozen in many of the positions. Perhaps regular classes will make me more diligent.

As the pandemic winds down…

The introvert I am married to wants to resume family life (with her “larger than mine” sized family) and I want nothing to do with it.

I also LIKE zoom meetings; easy to turn the sound off when a tiresome person goes on and on…

But..I get pools, gyms and ball games so….I suppose there is a price for everything.

Workout notes:

swimming…I had the good fortunate of being next to a “slightly faster than I” swimmer (a low bar) and it helped.

200 free, 300 of 75 kick, 25 swim (fins), 200 side, 300 of 75 kick, 25 swim (fins), 200 mix pull/free, 300 of 75 kick, 25 swim, 100 side, 2 x 50 on the 1:15 (1:30 last one) 52, 53, 54, 50 for 1800 total.

Shoulder stuff, then 12 km (7.5 miles) in 23:30 on the indoor cycle.

Shoulders: somewhat wonky…felt good after swimming…hurt a bit with exercises…doing without naproxen for now?

On the way out?

Locally, COVID19 numbers are looking better and better; fewer than 20 new cases per day (we WERE over 100 not too long ago..and we still have some deaths from that nasty surge).

So…is this finally winding down? It feels like it.

I wonder if there will be some changes in society. I have read about some employers having trouble finding employees (NOT the case in higher education..right now) and I wonder: have people had enough of awful situations?

Time will tell; it would be great to see a happier society emerge.

And yes, I am talking about the US.

Workout notes; shoulder bothered me this so much at night. Felt the “crackle pop”..kind of like the swishing one gets in a cooler filled with ice. The good news is that it seems to through that phase just before getting better.

Swim: 1800 yards (1 mile) done in the following way:

200 free (gentle), 300 of 75 kick drill, 25 free (fins), 200 alt free/pull, 300 of 75 kick drill, 25 free (fins) 200 side, 300 of 75 kick drill, 25 free (fins), 4 x 50 side on the 1:30 (1:12-1:15), 100 dolphin kick (fins).

12 k on the bike in 23:13 (19:34 for 10k) Lots of stretching; tingles from the piriformis early (not on the bike).

A little catch up

Ok, Sunday: after deadlifts, I took Tracy to a ball game. The Chiefs lost to the River Bandits 5-2, in a game that featured the starting Bandit pitcher (and first reliever) shutting the Chiefs down completely. Though he got a “no decision”, he pitched 4 scoreless innings, keeping his ERA at 0.00 and struck out 9 and allowed no base runners. The next one pitched 2 scoreless innings, allowing 1 infield hit.

It was 2-0 going into the 8’th with the teams giving different pitchers action. Then the next Chiefs pitcher gave up: HR, double, HR before striking out the side.

But in the bottom of the 8’th, with 2 out, a Chief legged out an infield single and I remarked that the next Chief would hit a home run..which he did! (the one time one of my outrageous predictions actually came true). But 5-2 is where it remained.

Commentary The Chiefs now allow vaccinated fans to not wear masks and have increased capacity to 60 percent. But attendance is kind of low; I wonder if it is because the pandemic was still raging at the time they usually set up the group outings (e. g. OSF, Bradley, Caterpillar, Church, etc.)

Workout notes

Monday: 1700 yard swim (mix of drills and swimming), weights

50 reps of pull ups (not that bad), 40, 40, 30 push ups, rows (3 sets of 10 x 134), shoulder rehab stuff, shoulder presses (3 sets of 10 x 80 “to the eyes”), 3 sets of 10 curls.

Tuesday: overslept yoga. 1800 swim: 200 swim, 3 x 100 kick drill/swim (fins), 200 swim (mix pull, free), 3 x 100 kick drill/swim (fins), 200 side, 3 x 100 kick/drill swim (fins), 4 x 50 on the 1:30 (55, 56, 56, 54) 100 fly-kick.

cycling: 10k in 19:24 (indoor) down from 23:20.

Weight: 202 (too high…but I knew my 200 post colonoscopy was artificially low)

Monday morning the morning sky.