Travel Summary part I

Back in Peoria. As previously stated, on Sunday, I made it to north of Waco before my car ran over a sharp screw. I stayed the night and got 4 new tires.
Then I made it as far as Ft. Leonard Wood and stayed the night; made it in this morning.

Workout: each day, I used the exercise bike in the hotel and got 10 miles in 34-39 minutes, and did my usual rehab.

Summary for my road workouts:
bike 10 miles and rehab: Thursday, Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday, Tuesday
weights: Friday, Sunday
Elliptical: Saturday

Hotels: Hampton Inn: Wednesday Night (Muskogee), Monday night (Ft. Leonard Wood).

Sunday night: Holiday Inn
Thursday, Friday, Saturday: Omni (Austin, Southpark)

I’ve been impressed with the Hampton; it is a bit like a value Hilton, if you will.

Traffic: the amount of semis on the road is insane. There is more than ever; in fact one of the hotel clerks noted it.

But as far as the “non-flat-tire” lowlights:

I saw 8-10 highway trooper speed traps. All but ONE were in Illinois, and the Illinois portion was easily less than 20 percent of the trip, in mileage. They were EVERYWHERE along I-55 from St. Louis to the I-155 turn off which leads to Peoria..and of course, lots of orange barrels…

I-35 from Austin to Dallas was dreadful. Sunday saw 41 minutes worth of delays on that stretch, mostly between Austin and Waco. I’d say that there were 5 places with stopped traffic: South Austin, North Austin, Round Rock, Temple, Waco. In fact, googlemaps reroute through Waco to avoid the pile up on I-35 is where I caught my nail.

I-635 around Dallas; the northern part, was awful. It really is quicker to cut right through: I-35 to US 75.

People were kind and generous. When I was waiting for AAA to come (flat tire), I went ahead and put on the doughnut myself. 4 different guys and 4 different times asked if I needed help! I got it ok. And the AAA guy gave me a great tip to stay at the Holiday Inn that was next to Discount Tires, and they set me up with new tires and had me on my way in an hour!

All of the hotel people were kind and courteous.

Now, about COVID…that is for Part II. Note: this delta variant is no joke.

On the road through COVID country and…

And what I have to report is mostly positive.

My precautions: eating outdoor or in my room. I masked up going inside and on the exercise bike (35 minutes…kind of a small but nice air conditioned room) and I did some rehab in my room and walked for 5-6 minutes.

Hampton Inn: Muskogee. They had breakfast but provided gloves and masks; I had my own mask. I also took my food to my own room.

When I checked in; the receptionist said I didn’t have to wear a mask. I told her I was ok; I wanted too, so she offered to pull her mask up. We chatted a bit; she is vaccinated and wonders why so many are resistant to it.

Earlier, I stopped at a Kum-and-go to get some dinner: I got juice, yogurt (and bought some Naproxen as I was too lazy to go into my suitcase). I went to an outdoor table to eat it (along with dates and protein bars). A young woman saw me and wiped my table down without my asking!

Back to the Hampton Inn: when I was working out; one other guy was on the elliptical. He left. Another started to come in and asked if I were ok; I said “sure.” Of course, I had on a big deal.

There are 7 hours left on this trip, but so far, well, only a few are masked up but most everyone has been polite.

Aches/pains: shoulder was mostly ok last night. A few glute tingles. I’ll stretch before I get on the road and again when I arrive in Austin.

19-20 July

Physical Therapy: yesterday, the PT dug around; the usual piriformis site was not as inflamed as it should be, given my symptoms. He went to the gluteus medius part (where your butt meets your lower back) and OMG…

YEEEEEOOOOOWWWW……. this was 1970’s style PT baby!
I breathed through the pain…

And I got a new exercise: similar to Warrior 3.

I’ll try that tomorrow.

During the day, I had the usual pull ups (went ok; sets of 5-10), push ups, lots of rehab, curls outside..

Today: yoga, rehab, 40 minutes on the NuStep (3.48 miles), 43:08 on the Matrix bike (14 miles) and extra massage (with a gun) at Ms. V’s.

Retreat in deadlifts

I did do a “heavy” single last weekend and, well, it does appear that maxing (or coming close) does take something out of you. So, I kind of fell back this week. I was also worried about a slight “tug” I felt in the right side of my lower back.

So today was a bit different: I was paranoid about form and pain:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

Now I dropped down from 266 to 251 and took care to set up with tense glutes and drive from the legs:

5 sets of 3 x 251 on the 3. I did have to get through some sticking points.

Then instead of high handle work: 2 sets of 10 x 134 Romanian; that really left me feeling good.

Note: deadlifts are one of the fun things my body will still allow me to do, so I am going to be careful and not hurt anything.

Then more stretching/rehab and 42 minutes on the home stationary bike (14 miles)

Last night: shoulder ache (some) but I am embarrassed to admit what that was about.

A lot of time…doing nothing…

And so it seems, though I am filling that notebook and typesetting some of it.

And rehab continues unabated…and there are signs here and there that I am getting better; it just won’t be as quickly as I’d like.

Weight: it 206 sans clothes; too high. But the lack of walking means I have to cut back on intake.

I talked to Lynnor after her walk with Barbara and there it is…”it is always something” (she pointed out that something else will go after (if?) my two current dings clear up.

Today: light stretching and abs, 40 minutes NuStep (3.4 miles this time on the “Fourier Series” program), 42:50 on the exercise bike (upright) for 14 miles; hit 12.5 in 38:08, a lot more rehab on the porch; can I remember it all? Then shenanigans with Barbara and Lynnor.

And so I spent a LOT of time but really didn’t do all that much; I did get sweaty and out of breath. And I have to watch my deadlift form; I need to force myself to NOT do “touch and go” reps; no I do NOT bounce reps but I need that “form check” set up between each rep. Perhaps I will drop weight next session to ensure I am doing it right, or maybe do “reps on the 1” instead of “sets of 3 on the 3”

The bottom photo is from Monday’s visit.

quick one

Yoga, lots of rehab, then 40 minutes on the Nustep (a recumbent stepper) and 51 minutes on the recumbent bike (14 miles; this was slower than the upright bike of the same model).

Off to a Chiefs game.

Note: some slight shoulder pain last night..AT TIMES..but I am feeling more hopeful as I am doing the rotator cuff exercises more correctly this time around. And at times, I am tingle free. Still have to remember to firm up the abs.

Not 100 percent but

Deadlfits and 40 minutes on the bike (13 miles)

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

then on the 3 (12 minutes total); 5 sets of 3 x 266 (a bit of a challenge)

2 sets of 3 x 285 high handle ( about a 3 minute rest) between the the low and high

1 x 314 high (perhaps too much back; no pain but I did tax my back muscles.

Then the bike; yes I did rehab.

Some shoulder pain last night; I just don’t get that on lifting days.

Something I CAN do..

I went to the Riverplex …note: 7-12 on Saturday.

I did a lot of rehab; 5 minutes on the bike to warm up (just over 1 mile)

Rehab, then 6 minutes on the elliptical …didn’t feel great so I quit

more rehab then:

40 minutes on the NuStep:

That was perfect for me.

Then 1 hour on the bike (19.08 miles); I was at 20 km (12.5) at 39:30; 25 km in 49:30; I used the “interval workout” and it was challenging.

So, I had a total of 1:51 of cardio; not super but not nothing either.

Oh my..what a difference

Sorry to be so boring; there are other things on my mind. But I haven’t as yet gathered my thoughts about them.

Rehab: yoga; skipped the stuff that puts pressure on the shoulders.

Then 47:15 on the bike (15.6 fake miles) and a LOT of rehab and core exercises.

  1. need to “take the navel to the spine” even while standing and walking; that takes pressure off of the piriformis
  2. Need to engage the glutes …to get used to it.
  3. Need to do rotator cuff exercises properly; I’ve been letting the bicep and upper chest do the work.

The bottom line: I now see a way out. And that is encouraging.

Fooling myself

Workout notes: I kind of put my piriformis through the ringer…

rehab, then deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224

Then 5 sets of 3, “on the 3” (finishing just about 12 minutes); 262, 262, 262, 262, 267 (felt reasonably easy)

2 sets of 3 “high bar”: 285, 285

not enough rehab…
16 minute mile walk (great for .4, tingles to .8, onset of pain toward the end)

more rehab….then I tried a second walk; made it to .25 miles when I realized it wouldn’t be any better than the first one…likely slightly worse, so I bailed
then 40 minutes on the bike (13.3 “fake miles”)

I did feel the shoulder last night…briefly; I really do need to do the pec stretching prior to sleeping.

Deception I’ve sometimes said that, on a personal level, I’ve found Republicans more tolerant than Democrats. Then again..this could be selection bias in action; any conservative who would be my friend would be, by definition, more tolerant. On the other hand, I know far, far more liberals and therefore see the whole spectrum, from “let’s try to understand” to the sanctimonious “if you disagree with me it is because you are just like Hitler”

This article talks about that. Personally, the friendship breaking or “cooling off” had more to do with COVID related behavior (masking,vaccines, etc.) in PERSONAL behavior. Someone might think that mask mandates don’t do any good but wear a mask themselves and get vaccinated themselves. And I am ok with that.

I didn’t like the deniers. And I especially didn’t like those who were loudly pro-compliance…for others…but did whatever they wanted in their own lives. These are the ones that decried large pro-Trump gatherings..even outdoors…but then went to large protests themselves (yes, we now know that outdoor activities were relatively safe). And I am talking “pre-vaccine”.

No, I did NOT immediately dump anyone who came down with COVID though….as some could not work remotely and others couldn’t resist (or didn’t want to resist) family pressures; I tended to be less harsh on those who felt some contriteness. But for others, let’s just say that social media changed my attitude toward some I felt closer to in the past.