Slow march back

Well, PT mixed with pull ups: 4 sets of 8 crunch singles, 6 reps, 5 reps, then 7 singles on the 1. 50 reps total. One youtube commenter noticed that I was relying on my arms too much. Need to get the back involved.

Downstairs: bench: 5 x 134, 5 x 155, 5 x 160 (hard), 2 x 165, 1 x 175, 2 x 165 (took 20 minutes)

high incline: 3 sets of 10 x 94

Back upstairs for push ups: 3 sets of 20, 2 sets of 10 chest tap push ups, with stretching.

5K walk; pain free for 2.6-2.7, then some dull pain as I tired.

The warmer temperatures helped.

I am NOT fully recovered, but I am much improved from a week ago.

End of a week

Strangely enough, it appears as if I have been post covid longer than I have been. I keep forgetting that I came out of isolation just a week ago yesterday.

I say this because I am a bit run down and achy; the back and glute: I would not say that I am back to square 1: far from it. But I am back to where I was in, well, maybe August/September, though I better know how to brace when I walk.

That is something to keep in mind about COVID: even those who were almost asymptomatic report some flare up of old injuries. I HAD symptoms (though never bad O2) and over the past 2-3 weeks: old frequent urination, heartburn, ache in back, some radiating pain, and a general overall “background” arthritic ache.
If you are an older athlete with a history of injuries and you get COVID to the degree that I did, your training will be set back.

Today: it was 3 F when I walked (after PT)

Then later I followed it with a commuter walk of 1.3 miles in 22 minutes. (17 minutes pace)