You can see them coming

I figured I’d be in for a rough back day…and I got it…sort of.

I took my car in, so I got PT part I plus a walk before leaving:

Then I did PT part II and a longer walk after. That one…the first mile was ok but it got rough toward the end, but nothing like “2 months ago” rough.

So, that is 7.69 for the last 3 days. I know..pathetic but ..that is where I am.

Then to the pool for 2200 yards..more progress of a sort.

1000 warm up consisting of 600 alternating side/back/breast, 400 of drills/swim with fins.

4 x 200 on the 4: 3:33, 3:37, 3:37, 3:40 (kind of dragging…not quite ready for 5)

200 pull

50 in 48, 50 pull

50 in 48, 50 pull

Weight: 202.7 before, 201.7 after. That is down.

I was a little surprised I could do 48s after those 200s.

Short term goal: 1000 in under 18.