Politics, culture wars and all that

I’d like to give a prediction about the upcoming midterms but..well, cannot. For one, the abortion rights issue could be a game changer, and yes, the President’s party often loses seats, many of the losses come from Congressional Districts where the incumbent party overperformed in the Presidential Election due to coat-tails…and we didn’t see coat-tails in 2020.

It is as if the old models might not be relevant.

And, contrary to popular opinion, Biden has not done that bad:

Still, I tend to agree with this:

But the culture stuff might end up killing us. Observe:

Now, the NPR listeners/UU Church/Liberal Arts crowd are saying how she just “OWNED” or “Schooled” Sen. Hawley. But to the average voter who isn’t immersed in that lingo….her answers sounded..ridiculous.

Yes, of course, Sen. Hawley was playing politics with his “simple question”; I am not naive enough to think he was asking in good faith. He WANTED to pick that fight for the cameras.

And what a better foil than a Berkeley prof with nose rings…

On a college campus, “calling out” someone as being “transphobic..etc.” wins you points, but it flops in the public.

You see something different going on here:

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez was going up the Capitol steps when a professional provocateur (a real jerk) decided to make remarks about her behind (and throw in an anti-choice remark).

He posted the video but it was taken down from Twitter. But I saw it because ….the Representative POSTED IT HERSELF!!!!!!!

Why would she do that?????

Then she posted this:

In the second video, she appears rattled but didn’t appear so in the first. Given that she was not exactly sheltered in her previous life…my guess is that she is scoring points with the “me too” crowd. But it does make her look easily rattled..I’d imagine a leader quality woman just saying “oh, grow up” to the professional jerk.

But, here I am talking about this sort of stuff when there are more serious things to ponder:

That is huge; there is a negative impact in the lives of women. And there is this:

I support BLM, but yes, sometimes the armed person in a standoff who was trying to kill/had killed others is a black guy. This in no way negatives that black guys are sometimes unfairly profiled or treated poorly.

But not every police shooting should be an incident to be hijacked by “activists” with an agenda.

Midway through July and

Ok, this is frustrating …progress is measured by tenths of miles and by pain level after the fact, and toward the end of the walk.

1.33…slight…1.07…even slighter but still there. But that is 15 miles for the week. That is better than last month.

So, for the weekend, 3.2 yesterday, 2.4 today for 5.6..which was once about a week for me. But still…so paltry.

Yes, there was the PT before/after and some deadlifts

10 x 134, 10 x 184 (warm up)

10 x 245 4 inch handle (felt kind of easy..ok, should have been easy)

10 x 275 8 inch handle

We’ll see…

It is better than zip.

More Chiefs baseball

I watched the Thursday, Saturday and Sunday games.

Thursday: 5-1 loss, but the Chiefs had the bases loaded in the 9’th; couldn’t convert.

Saturday: with Tracy and Barbara: 3-2 win! This was their second win in this series and the game was played before 5000 fans; best non-4th of July crowd in a while, I think.

Sunday: today, 3-1 loss. Chiefs pitching was ok though they gave up 2 home runs. But the Cubs pitcher smothered the Chiefs; only allowed 5 hits.