The Cubs vs Chiefs fiasco

Well, the South Bend Cubs visited the Peoria Chiefs.

Tuesday; 6-0 in a game that wasn’t as “close” as this big score would indicate; First Cubs batter hit a home run…and it never got better; they outhit the Chiefs 14-2.

Wednesday: even worse; 11-1 final; at least the lead off batter “only” got a double this time..and ended the inning with a ground out. Yes, 6-0 after 1.

The talent difference is stark; it is like an AA team playing a high A team.

Well, friends made it interesting.


About the best I can say is that the crowds were better than average…a lot better.

Residual soreness

Attitude check: summer is not stressful, but this trying to come back to walking has been a case study in frustration. The latest improvement hasn’t been my max distance so much as that I can walk more total miles; my 1-1 day walks are better. And my weekly mileage, while it still sucks (15 miles), is better (up from 8)

But mentally, it is as if a big part of my identity is gone. I used to pride myself at being able to cover long distances on foot, and I can’t..not without an “unpleasant” degree of pain anyway.

My back: pain shows up in the glute, often upon walking a certain distance, and, well, after doing the wrong exercises.

I feel slightly more residual pain than normal this afternoon; the walk that I did was kind of rough. I started to do a 1.1 course but said “F-it” and turned for extra …and I probably should have stuck with my 1.1. But during the final 0.5 miles, it seemed as if I was right on the verge of ..well..walking pain free? It is as if I need to get the posture just right and maybe do some “stretches while walking.

Of course, there was the PT (what else?) and my weight exercises.

Pull ups went fine (4 sets of 10); deads were ok.


walk 2 miles

PT plus pull ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 5 chin, 5 wide, 5 mixed, 5 mixed

push ups: 30 incline, 30 decline, 30 incline, 10 deficit

Bench: 5, 5, 5, 6 x 156

Dead: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 275 (8 inch)

High incline: 3 sets of 6 x 104 Swiss

Curls: 3 sets of 10