Shallow activism

If you are wondering: yes, there has quite a bit of social media traffic about the abortion ruling. But they TYPE of traffic depends on the type of person.

The “not usually political” type were mostly anger about men being trying to be too controlling:

There was the usual “STFU if you don’t have a uterus”,

“ban Viagra; your impotence was God’s Will too”, etc.

There was one anguished “I think Biden is a moron but I have to vote for him because R’s are so awful” video.

Side note: I LIKE Biden; anyone who thinks poorly of him should ask how he won a Senate seat at age 29 under his own steam. But this is the video:

Even a libertarian (gun loving), not even remotely liberal friend was steamed.

(Justice Jackson will replace Justice Breyer this summer)

The reactions were a bit different in my political circles.

Since the verdict, Democrats and liberals have mostly attacked each other and things have gotten tense. Common flash points: Hillary Clinton. Some feel we should have nominated someone better (or not as polarizing or someone better at campaigning) . Others are steamed that some didn’t make the distinction between her and Trump (“not my circus, not my monkeys”) and are now howling about the ruling.

People like me are angry about the purity tests that some on the left have, some are angry at moderates for not fighting harder (whatever that means).

What I honestly believe is that too much of our response is performative: go to a protest and say I AM MAD, I JUST HAAAAAATE YOU…..which does nothing at all.

Harsh reality: the conservatives have laid out a deep foundation starting at local levels and moving up..complete with a pipeline of judges.

This article is harsh medicine but I think accurate and well worth reading.

And performance it is…I had to scroll past and mute mentions of AOC who..of course, has the microphone but in reality hasn’t done squat.

She has sponsored 0 bills that have been signed into law, signed on to cosponsor 23, (with 100’s of others), and 17 of these were naming post offices, commemorative coins, medals, etc.

Check out her record.

I have little confidence that we’ll move forward as our side seems to need instant gratification ..the very idea of slowly advancing is just anathema to too many Democrats.

And, OF COURSE, the woke are going to woke. I talked about the ACLU’s stupid response. And you see this:

What about MEEEEEEE …just never ceases. And yes, many of my not-in-woke-circles have never heard of this, believe me, the Republicans will ensure that the voters in competitive races will hear of it.

From the right: I am seeing some spiking the ball.

Sure, this is the logically correct response general people (myself included) are not that reasonable and if one wants to be good at politics, one has to take that into account.

The TL;DR summary: yes, people are angry and a united, competent political party could take advantage of it. But Democrats won’t; too many of the young ones want to cater to the tiny percentage of woke outliers and too many of the old ones don’t realize how right wing current Republicans have become.

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