Limbo (sort of?)

Most of my PT

Then a short walk at a modest pace; I was ready to quit when I did (symptoms)

The resistance part:

pull ups: 10, 10, 10, 10, 5 chin, 5 wide, 5 mixed grip, 5 mixed grip.

The mixed grip really felt good.

push ups: 30 incline, 30 decline, 30 incline, 10 regular (PT in between)

Downstairs weights: superset of the following:

high incline press (10 x 88…these were maybe too easy?)

one armed row with 40 (sets of 10)

deadlifts with the trap bar: 10 x 134, 10 x 184 low, 10 x 260 8 inch. All felt easy and painless.

So, where am I? I meet with the back surgeon in just over a week. The reality is that my main symptoms are tingles and glute pain while walking; it comes on roughly at 1.1-1.2 miles on a bad day and 1.5-1.7 on a good day. I wore new shoes today; they did feel better.

This week:

Monday: 1.11, 1.0, Wednesday: 2.02, Friday 1.58, Saturday 2.03 (really 1.8), Sunday 1.25. Total is 8.99 but a more “honest” total would be:

1.11, 2.02, 1.58, 1.80, 1.25

I have stuff to think about.

My workout videos

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