How wokeness hurts liberals

This was painful to watch:

So, why would she say something so outrageously false? (no, it is nowhere near 365 a year)

If you are unfamiliar with academia: people are divided up into demographic groups (black women, white men, etc.) and are said to have a different degree of “privilege.” So, when it comes to “conversation” (or what passes for conversation) it is considered bad form for a “privileged” person to fact check, question or attempt to rebut the point made by a non-privileged person. Such acts are deemed “microagressions” or worse; you get accused of “tone policing”, “mansplaining”, “whitesplaining” or whatever.

But outside of the Academy…people “don’t play that.”

And, well, let’s face it: we learn and we grow when we correct our mistakes and become more careful in our speech.

Now, before you go “what about how they enabled Trump, etc.” Yes: there is a reason I won’t consider becoming a Republican in this era.

I want liberals and Democrats to do well…but I am afraid that the “don’t challenge anything that a member of a protected class says” is hurting us politically.