Answers on the way?

I know..I’ve become boring talking about my back, back, back. I am interested to see what is going on though.

Last night: trouble getting to sleep due to tingles in my left foot; some stretching did the trick.

Today: 1200 yard swim, followed by PT in the park, and a 1.25 mile walk, which didn’t go as well as yesterday, but it went better than other walks.

Note: I did rotator cuff (and back) PT before leaving for the pool and again after swimming.

4 x 100: 25 free, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 free (took me about 2:30 each)

100 dolphin kick drills with fins

100 side

100 kick drills

6 x 50 on the 1:10 (1:20 for the last one); 51-54 each.

100 swim/kick with fins
100 in 1:46

That felt good, but was enough.