Back on the right path

Of course, this is, well, nothing, but I felt absolutely NOTHING for the first 10 minutes; slight tingles for the next 3-4, and a dull ache (that was getting more pronounced in the final 5. This was much, much better than being in pain when walking the .2 miles to the office.

The improvement is real. But that I have a very long ways to go is also real.

How it went:

  1. stretching ..starting off easy
  2. The walk
  3. light stretching and PT: included: dead bugs, two types of knee lifts (standing and prone), one legged bridges, 3 minute plank, clam shells, one legged stands from sitting, behind the body leg lifts, banded walks followed by more stretching
  4. 30 minutes bike (fake 10 miles)
  5. Yoga: Warrior 1, 2, triangle, pyramid, revolved triangle, reverse warrior, wide leg forward fold and WLFF with a twist.

The whole thing took 2:20 to do.

Note: I do get an occasional shoulder ache. But overall, it is looking up.