Finally some hope

First today’s workout:


17:30 treadmill walk (incline) 1.2 miles

rehab/stretch (3 min plank, head stand, among others)

30 minute bike (10 fake miles)

yoga/rehab; main set was Warrior 2, triangle, pyramid, reverse warrior, revolved triangle on each side.

That went ok. But it was PT..again..that made a difference.

The therapist and I talked..he made it clear that I didn’t have stenosis; my back problem was degenerative disk disorder in my lower lumbar region.

But..the knots were back in the glute; that remains a problem (hence the rolling and piriformis stretches feel good) but the glute stuff was brought on by my back issues, so I’ll have to address both. And this lower lumbar twist stretch was heaven on earth..

Evidently my left (the side with pain) is so tight that it interferes with the nerves going to my left leg thereby preventing proper contracting. A loosening up on that side restored much of the strength right away.

This is what I look like before therapy.

So, we shall see. The saga continues but, I honestly feel very hopeful. But I have a lot of work to do..and work I am willing to do.