First rule: do no harm

So, the thing these days is to teach people to self-advocate. But I wonder who is doing the teaching; it seems as if there is no effort to get the other person to buy into it. You also see the same from the leftist activists; when you push back you get the charge of “tone policing”

Well, if you want to get listened to and you have nothing of value to give to your would be listener …you have to watch your tone.

Covid: turning of events? “only” 24.5 positivity. Compare to a month ago.

OSF statistics: still awful, but…maybe the hospitalizations have peaked?
I did notice about 90 percent masking at the grocery store.

Workout notes: 1:05 on the bike; the breakdown was 4.5- 14.5-3 Then quite a bit of stretching/yoga.

Shoulder: ok. Glute: some tingles..not that bad.