Most unproductive day

But I am rested and ready to do admin stuff tomorrow; attend a virtual lecture tonight.

Covid numbers are ghastly right now. I am laying low and only making essential trips. Yoga on my own this morning plus the bike.

I’ve accepted that few others are taking it seriously, so whatever happens to them, happens.

And yes, I watched the local basketball game on TV and renewed by ESPN+ subscription to see the games; will do so until the spike comes down as few mask in their seats and there is no vaccine requirement.

Today: yoga on my own and the bike; 21 fake miles, with 3 of them at my current top resistance. I should probably work up to 90 minutes.

My chest taps after the balance were dreadful. I need to improve!

From yesterday:

Felt the onset of my back tweak at rep 8; kind of make my back sore by shoveling snow first. Not wise.
We’ll see how Sunday goes; I should be ok; can’t wait for my belt to get here.

Covid on the up, up, up

Horrible numbers; positivity is 28.2 percent. And check out the deaths: I’ve never seen this many recorded in one day here (179,000 people)

Yes, the deaths were probably delta and omicron appears to have 1/3 the morbidity of delta…but given the spread is so much higher, that is a lot of people in the hospital.

And yet, not that many care. Why?

And that is sort of the rub: if you get it, YOUR symptoms are likely to be “nasty flu” or less; same with those near you. The very bad cases will be there, but likely somewhere else. So, unless you work in a hospital in a high risk area, you are unlikely to notice that much, save it might be harder to get some things.

The opioid crisis is a bit like that for me: I read about it; I can look up the numbers but it doesn’t appear to affect my day to day life that much.

I am seeing the arguing over schools too. But two key things that people tend to miss:

  1. Teachers and staff are much more at risk than students, and yes, their health matters and
  2. Staff/teacher shortages: just not many, if any subs.

Also, conditions differ from place to place: I am sure that in districts where everyone is vaccinated, everyone has KN-95 and wears them, and the school has a great ventilation system and substitute teachers/staff readily available and not many high risk teachers, sure, not going remote might be possible.

But many (most?) districts are not like that.

Workout notes: pull ups (14 F), push ups (indoors) 5 sets of 20, rehab, deadlifts:

10 x 134, 10 x 184, 10 x 224 (ok, back slightly sore from shoveling)

8 x 246 (quit at rep 8 when it did not feel right; unbalanced and twisted); aggravated the back tweak a bit.

30 minutes bike (8 miles harder)

Note: some glute tingle on one-legged stands; still doing better without the excessive walking.