Why Democrats will continue to struggle…

Others have had things to say:

And Ann Coulter..bless her heart, has a point.

Matthew Yglesias has point:

But why?

One thing: language. Take the concept of “racism”. Many (most) think that if you treat people in a colorblind manner, you are not being racist. Not so with the woke activists:

The upshot: mortgage company wants to, well, make a profit. So they create financial criteria which will ensure that, but such criteria DOES make it harder for disadvantaged minorities to get a loan. So, to the woke: the company is being racist.

And that is the crux of the CRT stuff: racism, intentionally or not, is so baked into our institutions that being “objective” is to perpetuate racism. Most of the country, including many minorities, do not agree. (For what it is worth: this is why I am a fan of government investment programs to enable higher risk people to have a shot at things like home ownership. Make the criteria race neutral, but it will end up helping minorities more than others)

Anyway, that is one albatross around the neck of Democrats.

Here is another example: take homelessness. Hard working small business owner, of course, wants customers. Maybe they set up a booth in a festival held in a center city area. Organizers know that people won’t come unless they feel safe, so they take measures to discourage homeless people from camping/congregating in said areas.

“Activists” complain…manage to get said measures taken out. Homeless congregate, which leads to customers staying away, and the small business owner loses that opportunity. How do you think said business owner and potential workers are going to vote?

And that, in my opinion, is how liberals drive people away from the Democratic party. They take up the cause of the tiniest of statistical minorities and expect everyone else to turn their lives upside down to accommodate the wishes of said group…and scream that they are bigots if they don’t.

Yes, a colleague did remind me that the general public does not attend college social science seminars, but the Republicans find ways to do so, and blast out every “if you don’t memorize the 30+ gender pronouns you are a bigot” rant from a professor and tell the public “THIS IS WHAT OUR COLLEGES ARE DOING.” Seriously; I’ve been accused of doing such things, and I teach math!

And do we ever hand them ammunition to use on us…

And so, the Republicans have to be truly dreadful to lose…and in 2020, they were, at least at the top of the ticket.

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