Travel Mishap

Ok, the morning workout (38 minute 10 mile, weights including rehab, pull downs (5 x 175, 10 x 160, 10 x 160), curls (3 sets of 10), standing dumbbell shoulder (10 x 20, 25, 30) went ok.

Lunch with the daughter was excellent.

The drive back:

  1. I 35 sucked. standstill going downtown, just north of downtown and 2-3 more times before Temple, in Temple and in Waco…
    so I followed Google’s suggestion and took at trip through city streets only to see the “check tire” light come on as I entered the interstate.
    So I filled up the tire and could feel air over my hand as I inflated the tire..

So, I pulled over into a gas station (no services) to call AAA. They came by 2 hr. then I had my tire on.

Bless their hearts, at least 3 different guys offered to help me.

The AAA guy tightened the nuts a bit more and inflated the spare. And he gave me the address of a Holiday Inn that is only 0.5 miles away from a Discount Tire, so we shall see. I am 13 hours away, but I won’t make it in on Monday.

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