Chiefs Home opener

Ok, the Chiefs lost 3-2, but rallied in the 8’th to make it interesting. They were down 3-0 and then scored 2 and had 2 on base…but couldn’t bring them in. The first hits came late.

This game went on for a long time..very long considering the score. There were many runners left on base and lots of “long counts.”

Here is the first pitch; I almost got dewy eyed.

I wore a goat mask and my new Chiefs sweatshirt; it was chilly (high 40’s at the end)

You had to wear a mask to enter and to walk around the concourse. You could take your mask off in your “pod” (groups of 2-4)..every other row. The limit is 25 percent though my guess is that there were fewer fans than that due to the chilly weather.

I sat in a pod of 4 guys (including Harry, my football buddy) (all vaccinated) and there were 4 women (including Vickie)

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