I argue with Bill Maher (about COVID issues)

Yes, the video is worth watching, and yes, I like Bill Maher. But I will push back versus *some* of what he says here (I agree with some of it).

  1. The wiping down stuff was not “bullshit.” Yes, it turns out the early guidance was overkill with respect to surface transmission. But, as I said at the time, some of what we were doing early would prove to be unnecessary…at that time, we didn’t know what would be necessary because we were still very much in the learning stage.
  2. Yes, liberals tended to overestimate the “hospitalization rate”, but in general, people are bad at numbers. Still, 1-5 percent is high for a disease that spreads exponentially. Think of it this way: I get it, spread it to, say, 3 others, who in turn spread it to 3 more: 3^5 = 243 so just 5 people removed, you’ll have your 2 to 10 in the hospital.
  3. Yes, obesity is a risk factor..and we appear to be getting at the reasons. But yes, even the non obese can get very sick. An accomplished ultramarathon runner I know ended up in the hospital for 22 days. A current NBA player recovered and is still playing..but needs an inhaler before games.
  4. About morbidity: many who don’t end up in the hospital still have long haul problems..some of the conditions can be chronic. About 10 percent become long haulers. Many others have symptoms that last for months.
  5. School: yes, look at the potential for the kids that get it to have long term issues. But …also, what about the teachers and staff? So much depends on community spread, conditions of the schools, etc.
  6. Yes, Texas isn’t doing that badly as a state, but reports are that city people are still masking up. But there are some hot-spots in rural areas:
from here.

And yes, I know that my area has no room to throw shade at anyone else.

I am embarrassed to say that we are one of the worst metro areas in the country, and the worst one outside of Michigan.

But back to Maher: he did get some things right. Open air stuff is probably ok; I agree with going for that swim, walk, hike, run, etc. And yes, though I don’t like the Florida governor and wonder how many are taking infections from his states to other states (they are mid-pack in COVID performance), I do think that liberals underestimate him. And as far as the NY governor …well…liberals aren’t always right. Rodger that.

Workout notes I gave into it: I did take Naproxen this morning…pain last night was NOT severe but I was a little achy.

First I walked…I made sure to quit when it was “only mild tingles” and I never got to “ache.” It is a fine line between doing enough to heal and doing too much to where one doesn’t heal up.

I did a ton of prep work, including resistance band work to get ready (20 minutes?)
Then weights; I changed things up.
Pull ups: 10 singles, 10 reps (shown), 10 reps, 5, 5, 5, 5 with 2 of the latter 5 sets being chin up grips.
push ups: (shown) I noticed the handles give me a friendlier grip than the bar..range of motion was mostly pain free.

shoulder presses: 3 sets of 10 x 94 “mostly” pain free..decided the “nose” was a good range of motion limit for me. I might use the spotter bars there and do a “touch the bar” as a guide.

curls: 3 sets of 10 x 54.

I didn’t do some other stuff…trying for a nice deadlift session tomorrow.

Pull ups:

Push ups, as a proxy for bench press

Limited ROM shoulder press:

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