Start of the semester..

Confession: I like learning new things, even if they are kind of silly (e. g. learning how to use an online HW system and then showing my students)

So far, so good?

Well, the walk, while not totally pain free; there was some back soreness and some tingle, was ok. And I rolled around a bit afterward.

Mile 2: a bit too much for me to sustain; maybe deliberately wait until mile 3?

Time: finished at 7:30 so; perfect.


I am surprised…honestly. I thought that Trump losing and leaving office after a stinging defeat would brand him a loser. I thought that McConnell’s rebuke would create some distance; that corporate America would win.

But that does not seem to be the case.

Part of me can’t figure it out. But part of me doesn’t want to accept it; Trump being embraced by the party might not have been about the party bending to him but rather about him recognizing that the party actually is.

Author: oldgote

I enjoy politics, reading, science, running, walking, (racewalking and ultrawalking) hiking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, cycling and reading. I also follow football (college and pro), basketball (men and women) and baseball (minor league and college)

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