Christmas workout (brrr)

Just B and me this morning.

Weights and a 2 mile walk in 10 F weather:

pull ups: 5 sets of 10 outside, came inside for hip hikes and rotator cuff stuff in between sets.

bench: 10 x 134, 3 x 184, 4 x 174, 5 x 164, 8 x 154 (pauses at the bottom; very brief pauses)

rows: 3 sets of 10 x 134 trap bar

shoulder press: 2 sets of 10 x 48 dumbbell, 7, 6 x 96 (44 kg)

push ups: 40, 30, 20


2 mile walk at 15:40 per mile (still cold)
My goodness, I look…old.

Author: oldgote

I enjoy politics, reading, science, running, walking, (racewalking and ultrawalking) hiking, swimming, yoga, weight lifting, cycling and reading. I also follow football (college and pro), basketball (men and women) and baseball (minor league and college)

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