Dream, nightmares, masks

My walk: I finished with a moderate about of piriformis pain (not severe…it came on gradually and mostly bothered me after I had stopped)

Still, this was faster than my recent Tuesday walks, but slower than my Thursday ones.

Commentary about masks and COVID:

This morning, I was doing my usual 6 mile (10K) walk and cut through the campus of Bradley University.

When I go for walks I don’t mask up as I am outdoor, I choose sparsely tread paths and I even cross the street when I see someone on the sidewalk coming toward me.

I was about to enter the circle..I was the only person within..oh, at least 100 yards of me (totally empty) when a BU police officer told me I needed a mask to be there. I smiled and said “I’ll go off campus” and he said “no problem.”

Now, I know the science: even were I COVID positive I had zero probability of spreading it to anyone: too far away from anyone.

BUT…to beat this pandemic, we are going to need “all hands on deck” and things like mask enforcement is to set attitudes and practices.

Yes, in this regards, the critics are right; in some sense it is about control of behavior but in this setting that is exactly what is needed.

Sure, I might not go near anyone but what about the next maskless person that enters?

So, for several reasons, I support this policy wholeheartedly and shall adhere to it, religiously.

And if some MUH FREEDUMS bozo wants to call me a “sheep” (or worse), who cares?

I do care about what *selected* people think of me but they aren’t among them.


My nightmare (still possible)

And yes, a simulation came up with even a worse one..though Biden won 43 of the 50 simulations (starting with last week)

Now I have a dream map too:

I did have simulations come up this rosy but not today.
This is what I think of the race as it sits (giving a candidate a state if they are up by about 5 points or more in an average of polls)

Now Pennsylvania is 5.5 Biden in Nate Silver’s average; others have it at 6. He thinks that Biden has an 85 percent chance of carrying that state and an 89 percent chance of winning Wisconsin. If this holds up and Biden sweeps PA, MI and WI, game over, regardless of what happens elsewhere. Trump has a very narrow needle to thread.

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