15 days

Ok, this walk was less than stellar. It featured an extra loop around the Riverplex to get the extra mile. And frankly, it was bad, though I started to feel better at around mile 6. I have to reexamine what I eat prior to walking?

Attitude was bad until the end, then again, my final pace wasn’t exactly stellar. I did face some tough headwinds from miles 2 to 6.

I did have some early glute tingles.

Afterward: visit with Tracy (social distance: of course)

My hips are a bit sore from the heavier repetition deadlifts with “high handles.”

Election: playing a bit with the data from Electoral Vote:

Biden certainly has the edge. But my 95 percent confidence interval includes a Trump victory: (giving Trump the states where Biden’s lead is 8 points or less)

It also included a Biden blowout:

And here is what I think will happen, maybe plus/minus a couple of states, either way:

Iowa is iffy. Georgia is iffy. But then again, so is Ohio and Texas for Trump. And…well, an Eastern Seaboard sweep is not out of the question .