Adding high handle trap bar deadlifts

No, this wasn’t a workout for the record books but:

Deficit (low handle, stood on 10 kg plates): 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 224

High handle: 5 x 254, 5 x 264 (fairly easy)

Low handle, neutral: 5 x 244

Then a 5 mile walk at 14:37 per, winding around campus.

The knee brace shot is my teasing a friend.


Aside from an outlier poll in Michigan, (Trump +1..other is Biden + 11) I don’t see much hope for Trump here. (Real Clear)

Electoral Vote.

For those thinking about 2016 (and yes, we are still just over 2 weeks away..time for movement but..)

By Electoral vote: Biden leads by 5+ points in states worth 290 EV. Not 2+, 5+.

Biden has 356 EV worth of states where he leads by 2+. HUGE difference.