Deadlifts: kind of a bust this morning:

deficit: 10 x 134, 10 x 184, 5 x 224 (all reasonably easy)

the ease of the 224 got me overconfident and 1 x 254 was harder than it should have been.

Still, I had two “off of the ground” misses with 279.

Then when I tried a 254 set, I felt the hamstring and immediately put it down.

high handle: 254 was very easy, but on the second rep; mild sensation so I put it down.

That was it. Not much of a work set.
Then I went outside for 1:19 for 5 miles; not much of an effort. No pain though.

When I got back, a black kitty (with collar) was waiting for me on the porch; it was gone by the time I got back outside with a camera, but a squirrel was not happy.