26 days

The semester is cooking along and, well, online teaching IS more time consuming than the other kind. I need some time to catch up on grading also. Probably will work Sunday evening.

But I lifted this morning.

The latter image was to tease a friend who posts a “shoe/leg/sock” shot with her workout photos.

pull ups: variety of methods (singles, 3’s, 5’s) to get to 55
bench press: 10 x 132, 4 sets of 4 x 165 all with pauses
seated shoulder: 3 sets of 10 x 88 (surprised myself)
row: 3 sets of 10 x 60 single arm
push ups: 3 sets of 20..got ’em

That’s it.

Election: Lincoln Project pulls no punches:

No liberal could make this ad: “body shaming”, “abelism”, “sick shaming”, blah, blah, blah. That is why having these Republicans on our side is a good thing, for now.

Election: I am predicting 358-180

It is looking better and better; national polls have been about 10 points so far. I don’t think this is a reach.

Via FiveThirtyEight

Electoral Vote

Election Projection

This isn’t 2016: Biden’s lead has been relatively stable, increasing as of late, and he leads in key swing states with a larger margin than HRC had, and there are fewer undecideds.

The evening just “flew” by

Sure, there are more important things that this fly, but, well, he didn’t look well. I wonder…the R’s seem to be …dropping like flies.

And that is it, isn’t it? Those at the top feel that the usual rules shouldn’t apply to them. COVID does not care.

And while I have no problem with these idiots endangering themselves, the hapless working stiffs around them suffer because of their recklessness:

it is just shameful.

Oh, my sleep deprived walk; 5 miles at a good clip for me; 13:18 mpm. No, this isn’t my 15 years ago pace, but is getting better, and the pirformis didn’t bother me much at ll.