Lifeless walk but

Well, my borked hamstring didn’t bother me and neither did my piriformis, but that might be due to my very slow pace.

I didn’t start until 8:30 am or so and I decided to take a different route than usual.

I decided to not go up Broadway due to the excess traffic (part of Sheridan closed..again) but go up partway, cut through Peoria High campus and then go up North to McClure which I took to Knoxville. A lot of broken sidewalk walking.

Then the rest was similar to normal.

Somewhere around mile 7 things clicked and my HR got to a normal range for a workout. Not sure; but it felt better after that.

I passed by an outdoor church service near the Carver Community Center; outdoor chairs, social distancing, masks..I almost teared up. These people were looking out for each other. After the debacle with the moron in chief and the absolutely negligent behavior of our higher ups

And I finished..not the best walk but I got it in.
Photo: from upper Glenn Oak Park.

I need to make time to call friends; if I am struggling a bit…I can’t imagine what it is like for them.

My job and workouts keep me sane; so grateful for those.