Ok, that title was way too dramatic: this was a mere platelet donation. That is what I do instead of go to ball games.

The workout: 78 F, 74 percent at 8 am (too late) and my right knee was somewhat sore. So I decided to run 3 miles (5K) and try to put some effort into the final mile, then walk 3 more after stretching the glute. Yeah, the glute started to hurt 2 miles into it but I focused on posture and that got me through without much pain.

I wore my old 4’th of July shirt to remind myself that eventually, the races will come back.

As you can see, I gave more effort in mile 2 and even more in mile 3. And, well, a 10:17 mile was WORK in this heat. Good Lord. My body needs more practice at putting forth effort.

The walk started down Moss and then I wandered all over the place.

Yeah, I wore my Chiefs shirt.


July 4 sizzle and fizzle

Well, no public race today. Sigh…

So, what did I do? I started deadlifts a bit later than I should:

warm up: glute exercises, hip hikes
trap bar, low handles, of course:
10 x 134 (*always* out of breath on the first set)
10 x 184 (felt a bit better, but still huffing and puffing)
4 x 222 (217 + 2.5 kg plates) disappointing, kind of gave up
10 x 222 (this one was that “bad breath” on the last two reps.)

There was a little bit of knee pain (right knee) afterward..very, very, very minor. I have to watch my angle.

Then outside for 6.32 (or 6.37 if you believe USATF’s online map) worth of walking.
1:37 for the distance; pretty steady except for mile 5 when my mind started to wander; I bore down and focused on the final mile (NO sprinting)

15:25 pace overall. Yes, it was hot; 82 F at the start, 88 F at the finish (46 percent humidity) so I walked to Moss and then did “out and back” from Western to Sheridan ..a couple of times. I saw Sheridan twice and Western twice.

It WAS hot.

The bumper plates make the load look bigger than it was; it was only 222 lb. That is pretty much what is on the bar here, the difference is that she is using the skinny steel plates which take up a whole lot less volume:

No, it isn’t heavy, but the weight killed me.

The shade on Moss Ave.

Personal life: we said “Goodbye” to a unplanned tree that lived with us for 20 years. We first notice a problem when some branches broke off and were resting on the utility lines coming into our house. I got a hand saw and got the branches off of the line and called in a pro to get the longer branches ..trim them up. Outwardly, the tree looked ok but when they took a closer look; it was sick and ready to be toppled by a good storm. So down it came; they will grind up the stump in a couple of weeks.

I now understand that “Instagram/Facebook makes you depressed” effect

Articles like this puzzled me, at least in one time in my life:

That experience of “FOMO,” or Fear of Missing Out, is one that psychologists identified several years ago as a potent risk of Facebook use. You’re alone on a Saturday night, decide to check in to see what your Facebook friends are doing, and see that they’re at a party and you’re not. […]

There was also feeling bad due to seeing other people’s vacation photos, etc.

None of that ever bothered me; I actually like seeing where some people go, what they do, what game they see, etc.

But, I suppose that could be because I am at a stage in life where I can do much of what I want to do…to a point. (at least pre-pandemic)

But that is where “to a point” matters. And, with the closure of gyms, I started to go to Instagram. There I get to see a lot of women who can put me to shame..

Never mind the guys who can do almost FOUR TIMES what I can do..

(my best is 267 this year)

And I start to think “OMG, I am WEAK!!!!!”

But my brain saves me..this time. Yes, I am seeing outliers ..when I go the gym, I see that I am not that bad, especially if there are men my age there. But the strongest women show me up and the strongest men lift weights that make my head hurt just to think about.

Workout notes:

pull ups: 10, 10, 5-5, 10, 5, 5, with rotator cuff and back stuff in between
bench press: 10 x 132, 5 x 176, 5 x 176, 5 x 176, 1 x 192 (that is a good set of bench presses for me)
barbell shoulder press (outside) 10 x 69, 10 x 84, 8 x 91, 5 x 95, 5 x 95, 10 x 84 super set with
rows: 5 sets of 10 x 60 each arm and
chin up: 5 sets of 5

This took about 90 minutes

Yes, I do go to a full hang and yes, for MOST sets of non-wide pull ups, I get my head over the bar (chin) but this pose was right after 2 sets of 10, without the usual rest, and with wide grip, where my chin doesn’t quite make it over.

overall…I was ok with it.

When I stop too soon

It was sticky. 75 F, 79 percent at the start, (7 am), 81 F, 62 percent at the end. Yes, my Garmen cheated me of some distance in lower Bradley Park (to be expected: tree cover, lots of tight turns; I was “cheated” about .02 miles per lower loop..I know, not that much. But still I was doing ok with the jog (3 lower loops..5 miles) and then I walked.. then it was like a needle to my left glute 1 mile later. I paused to stretch it out.

I was able to finish; first 5 miles of jogging were fine, last 3 miles of walking hurt. Interestingly enough, Saturday’s longer walk was fine, but that was after deadlifts.
I need to stay with my glute them daily. And I might need to spread it out a bit and focus on my posture; leaning forward does it no favors. Right knee was ok.

I am watching our tree come down; long gone are the days of just chopping it down and yelling “TIMBER.”

off days, on days

Yes, I know, this blog has degenerated into mostly my workout log. But I do have a couple of different things to say after the workout record

Weights only; I sure was stiff this morning and the right knee was oh-so-slightly-achy.

So I left dead lifts mostly alone:

pull ups: 12 sets of 5. I wanted to keep decent quality; did some rotator cuff between each set of 5
Then a super set of

3 x 35 lb dumbbell hands rotated inward standing presses
5 x 60 single arm rows (dumbbell)
7 x 44, 10 x 40, 5 x 44 standing presses, usual grip and arm.

push ups: 5 sets of 20 (walked equipment back in); with push up handles. This was harder than expected.

I did 6 x 22 plate squat and 6 x 134 trap bar squat (making sure to bend those knees; felt the right knee a bit.

It sure didn’t seem like much.

Later: 3 mile walk; the butt hurt a bit. I didn’t loosen prior to getting out there; that was a mistake.

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Now how do you catch COVID19: mostly by prolonged, close exposure to someone who has it.

Class room interaction? Anyone who thinks that college students will practice social distancing is delusional. They will get sick and a few will end up in the hospital.

What about college campuses? Surprise: those who need tuition the most will put the most pressure on faculty to teach in person and those with deeper coffers will allow for remote teaching. Yes, faculty are more at risk.

I am going to enforce “wear your mask in the classrooms” and yes, even carry some spares for students who forget…and I’ll set things up so that students do not have to show up but instead can learn remotely…and that includes being tested, quizzed, etc. I’ll put short, daily quizzes in my “classroom videos” that the students will have to do within a day or two. And those who want to come to class will be allowed to, while practicing social distancing.

I kind of wish we had outdoor classroom space.