Feeling good..and getting over it

I felt weird… almost good.

First, I did a ton of PT exercises: glute, knee, back, shoulder, and my usual rotator cuff
pull ups: 3 sets of 10 (not that bad) but went to 4 sets of 5 (one wide, one narrow) for better quality
bench press: 10 x 132, 2 x 181, 4 x 181 (4’th rep was ugly), 3 x 181, 10 x 154
seated shoulder: (84-86?) 10, 8, 7
trap bar row: 3 sets of 8 x 134
then outside (mixinging in the trap bar squat)
3 sets of standing shoulder (40s sets of 10
3 sets of 5 chin ups (decent quality)
3 sets of single arm rows (60, sets of 10)
3 sets of 10 deficit push ups (getting down there)
3 sets of 10 x 134 trap bar squats (tried to keep the shoulders high)

Overall..not that bad.

Easing into it

Damned Garmin always shorts me on my Bradley Park courses. The Garmin got me at 6.35 at my house (USATF: 6.55) and both gave me the same extra distance on my Moss to Bradley part.

2:06:52, which was 15:44 by the Garmin or 15:20 by the USATF measurement. Ok, no one cares…note the HR really didn’t get that high until some moron tried to pass a vehicle ON THE LEFT near the tricky intersection on Moss..and had the audacity to honk. I wasn’t close to being hit, but I didn’t anticipate that. Idiot.

I did have one pit stop close to 4 miles and there, upon stopping, the glute tightened up and bit and I stretched it for a few seconds. Yes, it is working, but I have to add mileage oh-so-slowly. the knee was unremarkable though it doesn’t “like” downhills.

Weather was pleasant and this time, I forced myself to stop as scheduled; I WAS tempted to “make it an even 10” which is a good sign.

First brace test

Ok, the purpose of today’s workout was to test my brace with some deadlifts..and to get some work in.

PT work on the mat
5 minutes on the exercise bike
Deadlifts (trap bar, low handles, of course)

10 x 134
10 x 184
5 x 217 (deliberately stopped at 5)
5 x 228 (relatively easy..should have been too)
5 x 233 (challenge)
5 x 233 (challenge)

I was ok with my form. Brace seemed to work out ok. No, I did NOT bounce reps and yes, I touched each time.
My legs were quivering (that’s good)

Then upstairs.

79 F, 69 percent at the start; hit 85 at the end. I mostly stuck to the Moss course and a bit on Bradley.

Slight notice in my left glute, and slight notice on my knee. I would not call this a hard effort, but it was steady and deliberate. I put something into it.

Weight afterwards: 194. Too heavy to walk well, too light to be strong. 🙂

And yes..I am in the “managing” phase not the “rehabilitation phase.” Yes, some long term runners can keep running with arthritis but my guess is that these are light people. I’d need to be about 30 lb. lighter to get away with that.

Check this out:
The strongest men are crazy strong. Check this out: it is 308 lb. Yes, I know that the old timers have pressed more than that. But look at how causally he cleans it..no squat, heck hardly any upper body movement. It is almost as if he reverse curled 308 lb.

I follow women too. The strongest overhead lift by an American woman is a 354 lb clean and jerk.

Brace day 3

Side note: I have some foot numbness (especially at night) and I’ve noticed that it has crept up just a bit.

Workout notes: I weighed in 199.5 …what?
Pull ups: not that bad; 3 sets of 10, one of 7-3 (close, normal), two of 5. Rotator cuff
bench press: 10 x 132, 3 sets of 5 x 176 (arch, but butt touching the bench)
seated shoulder barbell: 10 x 79, 10 x 88, 9 x 88
rows: trap bar: 3 sets of 8 x 134
outdoor: 3 sets teach of the following:
chins (5)
standing shoulder press dumbbell (40’s) 10
single arm row (58? 60) 10
push ups on bar (10)

It all felt good; was about 80-90 minutes.

Note: glutes are bit sore??? We’ll see how deadlifts go tomorrow.

knee held up

I did some PT, did my walk (humid conditions) and then neglected to stretch after. No NSAIDS; some hip tingle but I felt good enough to make 7 miles.

79 F, 77 percent at the start
84 F, 67 percent at the end.

My course, according to the USATF ap: 7.37. By my Garmin: 7.17 (it shorted me the “to the mouth of Bradley Park” and the two lower loops) Most of it: the 1.235 mile loops measured 1.18 by the Garmin (2 of those) and the 1.03 was 0.96.

Time: 1:47:32 pace: 14:35 by USATF, 15:00 by the Garmin. There wasn’t much difference in the out and back portion on Moss.

More effort at the end. It was a success …by my current standards.

Working it out

Ok, what will my routine look like? This one took about 80 minutes and included no cardio. But I wanted to test out my new brace

pull ups: 3 sets of 10, 7-3, 5, 5, two sets of 5 chins
rotator cuff (and moved weights up the stairs)

super set of
dumbbell standing shoulder press (usual grip: 3 sets of 10 with 44
goblet squats to the bench (after a couple of warm ups) 6 x 44 (3 sets)
single armed rows: sets of 10 with..57-60 ?

Then two more sets of 10 with the single armed row super sets with
3 sets of 20 deficit push ups, 1 set of 10, 1 set of 20, 1 set of 10 (100 total)

mixed with two sets of trap dead lifts:
10 x 184
10 x 206 (focused on form, full sets, knees, etc.)

That’s it.

Not dangerous …working it out. The brace is working well. No NSAIDS. Slight warmth afterward. I’ll have to ice afterward.

Management ..my knees

Well, first things first: I had a nice 4 mile walk; 14:0x pace for 4 miles. It was just enough to be work but nothing severe.

Then to the doctor.

I got a lot of x-rays. I was amused at the new machine; you stood and a technician adjusted your body, fiddled with the controls, etc. This wasn’t the old, clunky 1970’s stuff.

I was expecting one of either:
1. overuse..will get better with rest and PT or
2. more tearning…surgery.

I got neither. Instead, I was shown the x-ray; nothing lose but the gap between the bones in my right leg are narrower than the ones in my left. And arthritis continues to develop.
The PA recommended cycling, swimming or elliptical.

The latter two can’t be done at the moment, though in the future I might save up for an AMT machine.

That is a 2000 dollar investment.

Maybe..in the future.

Yes, some people who are already running can still run with arthritis and here are some tips (2-3 times a week…sounds familiar? Slow pace..yes, I felt pain after trying to pick up the pace)

Arthritis isn’t a death knell for runners nor for working out in general.

BUT those studies on runners: they are experiences (as am I) but my guess is that many have efficient strides and lean bodies. I am not built like a runner; walking appears to be more natural for me so I’ll stick with that. But: sane distances, and rest days, and yes, cycling in between.

I am at a stage in my life where my bets lifts, best runs, best walks and best swims are behind me. I am now at the “management” stage and doing what my body does the best (walks, lifts, then back to the pool) and my workouts will be two parts: PT, then sport (probably PT, sport, PT)

I might set some goals: perhaps a 35 minute walking 5K and a sub 3 hour walk half marathon.

And…all of the damned butt/knee/PT stuff..probably should do every morning.

knees: the easy stuff:

And the piriformis/glute stuff:

And yes, the “easy” knee stuff.

What I might try with weights: trap bar deadlifts (regular, straight)
step ups with weights
lunges with weights (light at first)
1/2 squats to the chair/box..some goblet, some barbell.

The knee?

It was almost 10 years ago today that I had my 4’th surgery on my right knee..am I headed for surgery no. 5? Last night, I had the “usual soreness” but then, upon getting out of bed to head to the bathroom, I felt pain radiate down my shin..up high…from the knee and I felt a bit unsteady on it.

It is walkable; I took some naproxen last night (2 am?) and again at noon today and feel ok; there was very mild swelling and very light warmth. But that radiating pain bothered me; no running for a while and I’ll keep whatever walking I do to short, manageable distances..maybe do some indoor cycling and stiff legged deadlifts.

Here you see what I used today (though I took the dumbbells outside; steps were fine) and I did use the trap bar on Saturday (222 is on the bar; 10 dead lift reps) That, plus the “playground for chins, pull ups, dips and pushups) constitutes my “resistance training gym.”

The racks, bench and dumbbell handles came from March when I knew gyms would close (and the pull up station); trap bar and bumper plates came from early this year just to do on my own. Metal weights and bars: came from 1984. Still useful for me, though a really strong person (who, say, uses 400 lb) would need more weight plates and a better Olympic bar.

Oh, the folding chair: it held me when I weighed 300+ lb, so it easily holds me plus the 90 lb barbell that I use.

Note: weight workout took 80 minutes from the start of pull ups to putting away all the weights; getting the weights out there takes another 10-15 minutes or so.

pull ups: 6 sets of 5, 10, then 2 more sets of 5, plus another when I got outside again. Did rotator cuff stuff. Focused on getting my chin over that bar.
bench press: 10 x 132, 3 sets of 5 x 166 (80 kg), with butt firmly planted and NOT lightly touching. These were harder than I expected.
seated shoulder: (count bar with collars as 12 kg) 10 x 70 (32 kg), 10 x 79.2 (36 kg), 8 x 83.6 (38 kg)
outside: 5 chins (already counted), 3 sets 8, 10, 8 of dumbbell shoulder presses (hands rotated inward) 35.4 lb (16.1 kg)
rows 4 sets of 10 each arm with 60? (57.4 lb? 26.1 kg)
push ups: below the handles, 3 sets of 10
plank: 2:30

That’s it..some experimentation.

Why the United States is so awful with COVID-19

My conjecture: there are at least two reasons…two that have little to do with the incompetence of President Trump.

1. Individuality. Americans know their “rights”; YOU ARE NOT THE BOSS OF ME. This is America and I can do what I want…I’ve even seen things like “let’s try to stop the spread to protect the vulnerable” described as CODEPENDENCY. No, I am not making that up. More conformity “for the public good” would help here.

2. Religion. Seriously: GOD IS IN CHARGE. In the United States, there are millions of high functioning adults who think that if they do the right religious things, their deity will protect them. And when it comes to mitigating contagion, this is dangerous.

And this coming academic year…if you think that students will practice social distancing…

We are a nation of first world scientists and third world community ethics.

No wonder other countries don’t want Americans to come over.

The danger of the heroic self-narrative

Almost a decade ago (2011 football season), I remember the Paterno-Sandusky Penn State scandal breaking.
Some of the conversation was interesting; so many were saying how heroically they would have acted had they been that assistant coach walking in with Sandusky engaging in “horse play” with a boy. And these were, well, rather average people who really don’t KNOW how they would have acted.

And so we see stuff like this:

See? All of these students would have been outliers had they lived in that period. And I think the professor really doesn’t go far enough in his thread: how many of the students, were they raised in that culture, even seen slavery for the evil it was?

But in their minds, THEY would have been the risk taking heroes.

My guess is this is how “take down the statues of George Washington” people think.

But this problem works another way too..about stuff in this day and age.

Yes, there is no secret that groups of people living in poverty, as a group, exhibit social pathology. There is evidence that pathological behavior follows poverty and not the other way around.

But those not in poverty will point to the outliers who made it out and, in their minds, assume that if THEY were born into that situation, THEY would have been one of those outliers. Hence they resist backing programs to help those people out…and yes, one CAN higher rates of self destructive behavior in such communities.

The reality: I wasn’t raised in such a community; I had great parents, good schools and a stable place to live..plenty to eat, stuff to do, etc. Many don’t have such advantages.

Anyhow…I think that I gained quite a bit of self awareness that outstanding people in different communities or from different era really were outstanding and it is foolish to compare myself to them.