Memorial Day

What a change from last year…

Today has been somewhat stormy though Barbara and I went for a walk; it was 4 miles and took quite a long time; toward the end my glute (left) felt ok, but it was torture for a while.

Later: I finally did that “bar fixing project” (so I can use my 1 inch bar, which was very uneven..2 inches!) and then lifted inside:
pull ups: 10, 5-5, 10, 10, 5-5, then two sets of 5 chins; reasonable
rotator cuff and free squats
bench: 10 x 132, 10 x 159, 10 x 159
seated military: 3 sets of 10 x 44 (each arm)
rows: 3 sets of 8 x 134
then 2 sets of deadlifts: 10 x 184, 10 x 206
No. Bouncing.

On the good side: we saw Mat and Tracy; it was fun to talk to both. When we get to phase 3, Tracy and I might run/walk.

Speaking of COVID 19: what is good and what is bad?


• Self-serve buffets probably create an unmanageable amount of viral spread.

Gatherings of friends and family

Avoid hugging and sharing food, especially while sick.


• Gyms can quickly spread the coronavirus, especially when instructors become infected.

• High-intensity workouts may be more dangerous than low-intensity workouts, though that’s unclear.


• The most dangerous method of transmission in an office is spending a long time near an infected person.

• Using shared facilities like restrooms with an infected person appears to be less dangerous.

• Spending a short amount of time with an infected person, like on an elevator ride, is not especially dangerous.

• Jobs with frequent talking, like call centers, do appear to have elevated risk for superspreading.

Sporting events

• Getting thousands or tens of thousands of people together in one building can result in community-changing “biological bombs.”

• Sports celebrations (singing, hugging, cheering) could potentially mean more spread.

Upshot: if we teach in person, I am masking up and maintaining a nice distance.
My office: not much space for safe interaction.

And the main thing: we really socially distance ourselves to keep from spreading it to the vulnerable. Via Brian Doyle.

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