Dang it…tweaked my back

It had to happen sooner or later..it kind of started with all the excessive sitting, my not doing enough yoga, and “pushing through” deadlift workouts.
Oh, it is not terrible, as it was in the days of old. But it is in the “watch it buddy” stage and it WILL hurt if I am not careful. Lying presses, pull ups, yoga poses, walks/runs should be ok, and ironically the trap bar “squat” doesn’t hurt it either.

The workout: (back felt great..which is why I got reckless)
10 x 94 stiff (great)
10 x 134 trap bar
5 x 195 conventional (good)
5 x 239 conventional (challenging, good; slight stiffness afterward)
5 x 244 (bounced rep 2 and maybe hitched just a bit on rep 4; that is what I think pushed it over the edge) I HAVE to focus on form during the tough sets.
5 x 176 trap (easy)
5 x 220 trap (challenging..no back pain at all; kept the butt low and used the legs)

then 5 mile slooooooow walk (1:30) to and from the Rivertrail (by old Hooters) past Dozer park. 43:30 out..kept the watch running while I talked to Crystal on the way back (maybe 1 minute?) The back was stiff and it did hurt a bit but I wanted to stay with it.

Updated: as I was writing my notes, B wanted to walk so I did a second walk (2.6 miles) with her, slowly.

It actually felt ok.